Sitting On The Cebuano Dock Of The Bay

Just returned home form the Seaside BBQ here in Bogo City, Philippines.  It is Saturday night on All Souls Day, November 1, 2008.   We had a quiet, peaceful night.  It was the yaya’s (Beth) birthday.  We gave her a cash gift and she used it to take our helper and the two boys to the BBQ.  They told us they were going and we decided to join them.

They left before we did.  Jermain was getting sleepy and Beth wished to return to her family’s home to participate in the family activities of All Souls Day in the Philippines.  On this Holiday, families go to the cemetery and pray for the souls of their ancestors.  I just spoke to one of Jessie’s sisters VIA Yahoo Messenger and they too just returned from the family tomb.

Our helper, Jemarie returned early from her day off as she had a dispute with her father of some kind.  She’s 17 so that sound pretty typical.   We met Jemarie one night while at the Seaside BBQ.  She didn’t like working there and wanted to work for us.  So here she is, working for us.

Jessie and I had thought about going to the disco tonight but it was dead.  With the solemn holiday, the party crowd was clearly absent tonight.  Jessie and I decided to walk to the end of the pier.  It was nice there, there was a nice breeze.  It was darker there but not as dark as I had hoped.  I wanted to try to find the Big Dipper.  Jessie looked for it.  She’s never seen it before.  There were too many lights, even there.  I wish we had a car.  I’m thinking back to the times I use to drive my Camaro out to the lake.

That really brings something home to me.  I was so sad then.  I had my really; nice car.  I loved to drive it and drive out to the lake and look at the stars.  The only bad thing was, I was always alone.  Sometimes Shane would go with me.  Now I have no car but I have a woman that would go with me and maybe even stay awake once we got there. LOL  That would be nice.  Perhaps we’ll be able to do that some day.  I have not seen any camaros here. LOL  It would be nice to get on a motor and drive to some secluded area where there were no lights.

We didn’t find the Big Dipper tonight.  I don’t even know if it is the right time of the year or where to look for it.  I’ll use Google Earth and see if I can figure out where it is suppose to be.

Jessie and I had chicken and pork chops.  I’m eating a bit more chicken.  The pork chops are so much better tasting but they have so much fat dripping off them even though they have been cooked on an open fire.  I had a couple of beers and Jessie had her rice and Ice Tea.  We spent just under P300 or less than $6.00.  That’s typically what we spend there.

Tomorrow is all Saints day.  I’m not sure how that is celebrated.  I think I asked Jessie but either I didn’t get an answer or I didn’t hear it.  There is the other chance that I’m getting old and forgot.

In any case, today was a nice average day with family in the Philippines.

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