Nuclear Text Messages In The Philippines Hoax

There is a radiation scare being shared by people living in the Philippines through text messages. The radiation text messages sent by people living in the Philippines are a hoax! At least it is a hoax for now. Being played by pranksters.

However, Japan is on the brink of a major nuclear meltdown. A catastrophic failure is not an overstatement. Japaneses officialsRadiation Threat For Those Living In The Philippines! have been downplaying the threat. There has been a third explosion within the last hour. As details begin to leak out, it is taking on an ominous tone. Prime Minister Naoto Kan  said just after the latest incident that:

The level seems very high, and there is still a very high risk of more radiation coming out

That is troublesome to me because experts around the world have been saying the situation in Japan’s troubled nuclear plant is dire even while officials in Japan continued to downplay the risk.

Has a melt down of the core already occurred? I don’t know. Another report stated that officials thought the core container had been damaged.

Radiation Threat For Those Living In The Philippines?

I think there is. I can only think back to Chernobyl when nuclear radiation clouds passed over country to country in Europe. Will people living in the Philippines begin dropping dead from radiation sickness?  No. I don’t know enough about radiation to know how serious of an impact it could be.

If the winds are right, the radiation could certainly drift in the Philippines. However, there is no need for panic. It is something to be concerned about as not many of us want extra doses of radiation. In the land where tsismis (gossip) is an art form, don’t turn this into unreasonable hystery.

What Should You Do If You Are Living In The Philippines?

By all means, do not rub iodine on your body. There have been reports of a few Filipino doing that. It is ineffective of course and isn’t needed even it were. Be calm. If there is any danger at all, there will be plenty of time for adequate warnings to be handed page

I have posted additional information on this threat for Philippines on my Facebook fan page that you can visit by clicking here.

I feel pretty safe living in the Philippines.

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