I’ve always been a fan of the rain falling and the sound.  I even  enjoy the flashes of lightening and the thunder in the distance.  Not really crazy about thunder right over my head that shakes the foundation of the house.

Listening to The Rain In The Philippines

In the Philippines, it reminds me of being a child and sleeping at my grand parents house.   They had a tin roof.  My grandfather was a welder.  He was not rich and what he did have, he believed in saving it.  He often used scrap tin from his work to build with.  When the rain hit that roof it was loud.

The Philippines is a tropical jungle.  Often when it rains, it rains hard.    We have monsoons!  The homes in the Philippines usually have either tin roofs or cement shingles.  Both make a lot of noise when it rains.  All around me are homes with tin roofs.  These materials add to the sound of the rain, bouncing of the roof.

I find it romantic.  I find it soothing. I have always found the rain and the darkness soothing.   I think many others do too.  I like to go outside and watch it rain.  During the rainy season in the Philippines, I get lots of chances to watch it rain hard.

I just noticed something else about rain in the Philippines or at least in my home in Bogo City.  There is a kind of flying insect.  They

waterfall philippines

Philippine Waterfall

kind of look like termites except they have black bodies with translucent wings.  Long wings.  They are mostly wings  Maybe they are some sort of pygmy Mayfly.  I’m mostly jesting.  Nearly everything is smaller here so I joke with Jessie about it.  These insects often fly into my bedroom when it is raining at night.   I just turned the light off inside and turned the outside light on as I’m being over run by them  Jessie taught me that trick, to turn the outside light on to draw them away.  During one typhoon, there were hundreds in our room.  She put a candle near a bucket of water and they got trapped in the water.  Filipino are very resourceful.  Very smart!  I suppose these bugs are trying to get out of the rain!

During the typhoon, our windows were open as we had no electrical power but these other times, the windows are closed and they still seem to flock our room when it rains.

I wish I had a video of it raining, though the rain here, mostly looks like the rain any place else, it seems like I need one in this post.  This post about not very much but then about the average daily life of those living in the Philippines.   The sights, sounds and smells are all part of that.  Hard to always get those things across.

Maybe some day you’ll join us and hear and see and smell the elements of the Philippines that I enjoy.  For now, I’m sitting in my room, light only by my computer monitor listening to the sound of the rain, maybe finally helping sooth me into sleep.   Once again, I find it is 5am and I have not yet slept.   It is okay as I love the sound of the rain in the Philippines.   The sound is more intense than I know from my life back in the States, at least in recent memory.

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