Wow it has been raining  a  lot in Cebu for the last few weeks.  It has rained nearly every day this month.   It is more than normal rain.  I like the rain.  It is cooler.  I like cooler.

Cebu is located in the Central Philippines.  It is a hot spot for tourist and host one of the largest and most modern cities which is Cebu City.

In an article by the inquirer, I read that this amount of rainfall is far above normal.

The weather station recorded 203.5 millimeters of rainfall from Jan. 1 to 16, nearly double the 108.9 millimeters usually recorded this month, said Engr. Oscar Tabada of the Pagasa- Mactan.

So for the first two weeks of January 2011 we’ve already had twice the normal amount of rain for the

Location of Cebu Province

Living in Cebu -- Area in Red Indicates Location of Cebu

entire month.

At this point, I would think that landslides have to be a considerable threat.  I’ve heard only of small landslides in Cebu so far.  We’ve had a fairly heavy rain most of the day today.   With the soil already saturated, I fear a more severe landslide could be coming.

Leyte had a significant landslide recently and the Cebu Provincial government was offering aid.

I just performed a search for landslides in Cebu and didn’t find  mention of any recently landslides. The most recent I could find was from October of 2010.   They  happened in Alegria, Cebu which is in the southern part of the island.

A few weeks ago, the governor of Cebu assured everyone that Cebu was ready to respond if the worst happened.  I will hope that it is not tested.  A few years ago, I think in 2007, a major landslide killed more than a thousand in Leyte as it slammed into a school and buried it.  Many children were killed in that landslide and a town was wiped out.

So I will keep hoping for the best.  For those people living in Cebu, it has been a very wet month and today, I think is the wettest of all so far.

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