Rat Eating Plant In The Philippines

A new plant has recently been discovered in the Philippines and what a plant it is. This plant can eat rat! Its got a long Latin name that I shouldn’t bother to repeat, who cares, the thing eats rats! However the name of this plant is Nepenthes attenboroughii.

Nepenthes attenboroughii

Nepenthes attenboroughii

It has upside down bell in which insects and small animals can crawl into and then become trapped by the liquid within that belly. What a cool plant!

Don’t plan on going out to find one on your own though, they are only found on one remote island and only about 200 of them. As cool as it would be to have one, with numbers this low it would also be wrong.  It would be nice though if they manage to grow these in the lab and make them available to those that want one.

The plant so far has only been found in Mount Victoria, Palawan.

There has been lots of press about this plant “eats” rats.   However, there is no documented cases of that.  The scientist that discovered it say it is large enough to consume them but no rats have actually been seen within one of them.  The belly of the plant is filled with two liquids, one is thick and the other much more liquid and even supports mosquito larvae.  The scientist did say it is certainly large enough to trap a rat or other small animal.

I found a lot of misinformation about this plant before I found the truth.

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