Getting a Job In The Philippines

If you’re planning on getting a job after you move here, I doubt you have a clue what your getting yourself into.  First, you can’t work here legally on a tourist visa.  A tourist visa is how most of us come in.  If you get married it is fairly easy to get a resident visa that will allow you to work.  Though there are laws on the books to allow others to get a visa, there is very little change you’re going to get one of those.

If you could find work, you’d probably be working for about six dollars a day.  Your coming into a different world.   If you’re coming here looking for work, I don’t think you have a clear idea of what life here is like.  There are exceptions, where you get transferred here.

You can earn money by working on the net, if your an experienced webmaster then you know what your getting into.  Some people get rich on the net fast but that is not typical.  If you’re just starting, then you have a lot to learn.  It is not as simple as if you build it they will come  Most websites Moving Truckdisappear soon after they go up.  People build them thinking people will flock to them, trust me, they wont!  I need to know 10 times what I know.  I spend so much of my time writing, I don’t have the time to learn the programming skills I’d like to ad to my arsenal.

I know people that have come here without a clue as to how they would provide for themselves and they are still here.  I know two people that have done this.  One is still building and I think he’s in a dangerous place, depending on the good will of other expats.  The other one learned how to make money writing.  He’s getting by on $300 a  month.  I could not stay here on that kind of income.  Others can.

The cost of living here is significantly below what you would expect in the western world.  You can find a room for less than $50.00 a month.  Easier for women to do that than men though.  If you can eat rice day in and day out you can survive on next to nothing!  It might be a way to go for those with a really strong determination while you get yourself established.

If you’re current company is sending you over with a well paying job and they help you work out all the legalities, then you’ll be fine.  There is massive unemployment in the Philippines and the government wants business to hire local talent.  Since the companies can hire so cheaply here, most probably hire locals rather than transfer people here.  Much less red tape and saves the company a lot of money.

If you’re asking the question, can I find work in the Philippines, I think you need to at least come for a short visit and do lots of research and talking to those who already live here.

It is not my purpose to discourage anyone from moving here, I love it here but you do need to understand what you’re getting in to.  Moving to the Philippines is like moving to a different world.

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