The Reproductive Health Bill (RH) seems to be very popular among Filipino.  A poll this week showed that 69% of those surveyed were in favor of the bill.  Is it just me, or does anyone else find humor in that number?

Birth Control In The Philippines

I’m a little surprised that it is so high.  Even more surprising only 7% were actually against the bill.

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23% were unsure.  That is an amazing number in a country that is strongly catholic since the Catholic church is strongly opposed to the bill.  It isn’t just the Catholic church either.

Once, I was walking past a protestant church near my home.  I heard the preacher warning how it would lead to abortion in the Philippines.  That has been a major position of those opposed to it.  Another major position is that there are health dangers related to many birth control measures.

From my education on such matters, yes there are dangers from many forms of birth controls but those dangers are still less than the risk of pregnancy.

This is a hot political issue in the Philippines.  If you’ve been following me for long, you probably already know that foreigners are not allowed to partake in political debate.  So once again, I must refrain from giving my opinion.

It is surprising that many are not following what the position taken by the church.  This may signal some kind of major change within Filipino society.  It would take a sociologist to really get into that.  I find it very interesting.

I have been observing this debate for a couple of years now.  The new president of the Philippines is very supportive of the bill.

Just when it seemed to have faded away, the President Aquino spoke out to support it.  The church had asked him to come out against it in his first State of The Republic address but he didn’t mention it at all.  Instead, he spoke mostly of graft.

A couple of months later, he made his position known in a way that it would get as much attention as he could get from it.

From what I’ve read, the bill is expected to pass the Philippine senate with little trouble but the house will be more of an issue.  The opponents are using every weapon they have to keep it from ever getting out of committee.   Personally, I don’t think they will be able to do that.

Even if they do, I would be surprised if the president didn’t later issue a proclamation to make his version of the RH law.  It would be challenged in the courts.  I have no idea what the outcome of that would be.  Other than, while the challenge was ongoing, the law would be in effect.

The bill will provide education on birth control measures but it will also provide birth control products for the poor.

Living in the Philippines for three years, not really a huge amount of time, I’ve already seen a lot of pain caused from ill-timed pregnancies.  I have observed a densely populated country where wildlife is far below levels that I was use to in the Southern USA.  I think the dense population and pollution are major reasons.  Of course, the dense population along with poverty greatly increase the pollution.

The urge to “reproduce” is very strong in humans.  At some point, most of us just can’t take it any more.  I think people need love and they are going to seek to express that in the most intimate of ways they find enjoyable.  I just haven’t seen not having birth control stopping many people from enjoying their bonds.

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