Wow, the debate and lies over the Reproductive Health Bill (RHP) in the Philippines has grown intense in recent weeks.

I’ve seen reports that President Aquino has withdrawn support for a bill or has withdrawn it from a priority level.

I’ve seen that the RHM was renamed to the Responsible Parenthood (RP) bill.

I’ve seen the RPH bill referred to as a pro-abortion bill in some press reports.  Mostly those with a leaning to the church’s position.

The bill is not pro-abortion.   I think some are just flat lying in that regard.  Others consider some forms of  birth control to be


Malacanang or Presidential Palace. Much like the White House in the USA.

abortion.  Some types prevent a fertilized egg from reaching its final stages.   This happens naturally too.  The WHO organization does not consider that abortion and it hasn’t been considered abortion in a long time.  Still to some, it is.

The Philippine president’s spokesperson has stated a new bill is being drafted.   It is called the Responsible Parenthood Bill.  I suspect it will take much from the old RHP but it wont be exactly the same.

The president has said he wont be promoting artificial birth control over natural birth control.   That his position is to provide the information and means to the Filipino people so they can decide for themselves.

Many are saying the new bill will encourage Filipino to have only 2 children.   This wont be mandated and there will be no penalties. It seems to be an attempt to get people to think along those lines.  I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about this part of the bill. They argue that people with more than two children may be looked down upon by others.   I just can’t see that.

I see many people try to argue there is no population problem in the Philippines.  That argument, I have problems with.  I read so much about the natural recourse of the Philippines, especially the forest are all but gone.  People generally cause that.  The Philippines seems densely populated to me.  I haven’t looked up the stats on that but driving down the highway should make that very clear.

From what I can see, both sides of the debate want to claim that the other side has lost and the deal is done.  It is pretty clear to me that the president has not abandoned the bill on reproduction and that the bill he seeks will provide free contraceptives to those Filipino that wish to use it.

Is the president looking for social change?  Yes, I think he is.  Right or wrong, that is what leadership is all about.  For now, people living in the Philippines will continue to wait.

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