How To Send Money To The Philippines

I found the need to update what I’ve said in the past about my favorite way to send money to the Philippines.

I gave Xoom another try and I  now recommend  using Xoom to send money to the Philippines.

Send Money To The Philippines

Since this is such a common question that I get and since it seems to need updating from time to time, I’ve now written and released a FREE E-Book called Philippine Experience:  How to Send Money To The Philippines.  I wrote it mostly for expats living in the Philippines that have a bank account in the USA and that wish to send money to themselves while living in the Philippines.

Send Money To Philippines
Send Money To Philippines

My last transaction, using Xoom took about 1o minutes to be processed and the money was ready for me to pick up.  Also, the cost is much less than that of using RemitHome.  You can send up to $2999 via Xoom for $4.99.  That would take three days and $30.00 to send via RemitHome.  That is a huge difference.

I’m a still a fan of RemitHome and I think you’ll be happy with their service.  If you have a problem, perhaps with your pickup location, they are all over it.   The bank where I was picking up my funds had me wait for a couple of hours a time or two.  I told RemitHome about it and officials from the main office Manila were calling me.  Several of them, making sure that I was being better taken care of.  They really lit a fire under that bank’s staff.

When I send money to the Philippines, they also approve my transfers before they actually get their money.  I don’t know if they will do that for you but it sure helps if you follow the instructions in my eBook.

I emailed Xoom before I decided to send money to the Philippines this time  The first response was fast but a bit weak.  I complained about the canned answer and then I received much help.  My issues was broken up into two tickets and they acted very fast and followed up to make sure I was happy.

While for customer service, I think RemitHome is still the winner, it takes me day or two to get my money but with Xoom it took only 10 minutes or so.

My Favorite Way To Send Money To The Philippines

While Xoom has become my preferred way to send money to the Philippines, I wouldn’t be surprised if that changes in the future.  Still, I think Remithome provides the best customer service.  Something hard to find these days.

To get a copy of my free E-Book, you’ll need to join this site or use the signup form below:

The eBook is free and it will help you send money to the Philippines.

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