When I returned to Bogo from Cebu City, I splurged a little on myself and took a taxi this week. There were three of us and the bus fare is P135 to Bogo from Cebu City. A taxi is P2000 or about $48. I’m feeling a little guilty about doing it now. I really don’t like spending money on luxuries any more. Well, unless it is something digital. Then I just don’t have enough of it to spend. 🙂 The trip from Cebu City to Bogo City is about 120Km or around 80 miles. Now don’t take a calculator to that to see if I did the conversion correctly. I didn’t covert it at all.  Just based on what I’ve seen most others say.

Cebu City To Bogo City

Religion Cebu City To Bogo CityWhen you take a taxi, you can make stops along the way and it gives a good chance to take some pictures. I actually wish I had a car so I could go out and take more pictures and see more sites between here and Cebu City and to venture south of Cebu City. The farthest south of Cebu City I have been was Talisay where I lived for two or three months. As lean as those first months where, I’d love to go back that era now. I wish I could go back to those first three days when we didn’t even turn on a computer. I remember Jessie turning it on and I was like, no, don’t do it. 🙂

Jessie had stopped at Titay’s restaurant just outside of Cebu City twice. I seem to recall seeing it  years ago but I’m not certain. She did not have a camera with her when she saw it. There is a harp player in this restaurant. I wanted to stop there and get some pictures and before I asked Jessie already asked the taxi driver. Jessie suggested we also stop at the church in Danao because she knows I like to take pictures of churches of the Philippines.

Harp in a Bus Stop Just Outside of a Cebu CityThis harp player on the edge of no where is amazing to me. Now it is not as remote as Bogo City. It is between Mandaue City and Danao City and these are not exactly remote jungle towns. You cannot tell where Cebu City stops and Mandaue starts.  Still, by the time you get to Titay’s the traffic has usually thinned out quite a bit. Sometimes the streets there are nearly empty. Most of the time there is still some congestion there. A harp in Cebu City itself can’t be a regular thing, and out here it is simply amazing to me. But as one FaceBook friend pointed out, Cebu City is well known for its guitar craftsman which makes it fit in a bit more.  But still, a harp? A harp on the edge of civilization?

From there we went on to see the church in Danao. It has been a long term desire for me to visit one church a month in the province. When I first set the goal, I was too broke to rent a trike to do it. It was okay, I was very happy with very little and just my girl, that was all I needed, well that an air con. haha That is all I need now too.

I’ve managed to visit a few churches since then. Perhaps more will be coming soon. I don’t know.  I’m way behind in my goal. I didn’t get the name of the church, maybe a reader will know and have some information on the date it was built. Not like me but I forgot to look for that. It is a very old Spanish era church. Quite beautiful and rather large inside. A wedding was about to proceed so I couldn’t linger as much as I would like.

Danao Church Vendor Near Cebu City

Candle Vendor at The Church In Danao City, Cebu, PhilippinesOutside of the church is a nice park and as usual vendors trying to earn  a few peso. Jessie and her friend Sheila bought candles to be used for prayer. My FaceBook friends will know that I love taking pictures of older Filipinos. I love taking pictures of  old people in general. An old face has so much character to me. After I took the picture of this older candle vendor I gave her mano po. Mano po is where the younger person takes the hand of the older person and holds the backside of their hand to their own forehead. It is a sign of respect. So I did this and she said something like “God will bless you for that.” I surely could use some blessings from God. I hope she knows what she’s talking about.

The outside of the church has a line of of white stone angels.  Each holding a light bulb which is bound to make a nice scene at night. They seem to be meant to guide the masses to mass.

Inside the church in Danao City, you’ll find the kinds of religious symbols you’d expect to see in any catholic church in the Philippines. The statues to represent Christ and the saints. Beautiful stained glass windows and religious paintings and of course candles. The church is larger than most, larger than some in big cities.

The depiction of Christ on the cross in the Danao City church is stunning. It is lit so that there seems to be a golden glow around and behind Christ. I wish I could have lingered longer but there was no way I’d risk intruding in a wedding.

There also meany beautiful beach, mountain and river scenes between Cebu City and Bogo City. Perhaps one day, I’ll take a taxi again so that I can take pictures. Or maybe I’ll buy a car. Not soon, I have some other things to pay for that are more needed. A car would be very helpful. I’ll probably be returning to Cebu City next month to see the doctor. This is way to many trips to Cebu City, I’d really like to move back to Cebu City but Jessie doesn’t want too.

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