Electric Cost in The Philippines

There is certainly some temperature increase in my bedroom. The last two months my electric bill has been over P10,000. It was P10,600 last month. Electric cost in the Philippines is going up. I was gone part of both of those months too. I was at Bantayan Island for five days in September. I’m getting a bit suspicious but I believe that rates increased two months ago. We also got new neighbors two months ago. And the landlord gave them our dirty kitchen which is where the main breakers are to my home!  It is way past time to move I think because of this. All the places we have found to move to though are too far out for someone without a car. The landlord said she let us borrow the dirty kitchen it was never ours. A complete and total fabrication. It causes my blood to boil when I think about it. I need to move to Cebu City but I don’t want to move the kids. I know I don’t want to live in the house any more.

Jessie got a new PC about two months ago too. It is more powerful but I’ve never seen computers have much of an impact on power cost before. Also our washer died last month and we are not going to get it fixed. That should more than make up for an upgraded and more powerful computer.

This month I decided to start getting use to the heat a bit and to turn up the thermostat on my airIn The Philippines con. Instead of leaving it at 25C/77F, I now turn it up to 27C/81F during the day. I have a fan blowing on me too.  Jessie got in a rearrainge the bedroom kick this month so I’m on the other side of the bed now. I don’t like it because I can’t lay on my right side which means I have to turn my back to her when I sleep. It is cooler on this side of the bedroom though.

It will be good for me to have the temperature higher, making me more comfortable when away from home and I’m already seeing the benefits of that. I had largely gotten use to the heat when I was walking. When I first starting living the Philippines, I was dripping sweat any time I was away from home. The last time I went to Prince Warehouse, I was hardly sweating at all but that was a long time ago. When I was out walking all the time. I so want to get back to walking. I miss it and I’m tried of sitting on this bed afraid to move my feet. I keep telling myself that I’m going to stop writing about that but it seems to be controlling my life right now.

I asked the doctor should I just walk through the pain and as I suspected he said that was a very bad idea. That I need to get the trauma healed first and then walk. Is it going to heal? I’m beginning to wonder.  It has been going on three months now. Shaking my head and worried.

Global Warming In The Philippines

I couldn’t help but also think of global warming when I came up with the title for this article. I see many articles in the papers here stating that global warming in the Philippines is a fact. I see many things blamed on global warming in the Philippines. It may be accurate. I think anyone that still thinks global warming is a myth is living in denial. The ice caps are melting, that has been proven. the cause we don’t really know but it seems to be associated with the industrial revolution. The theories supporting it are sound and generally accepted. Accepted and sound theories have been proven wrong before. Still, the world is getting hotter and the ice caps are melting. Sure there are freak snow storms happening in places they shouldn’t happen. That doesn’t disprove global warming. It may actually increase the evidence that it is happening. But freak storms have been a part of the world for a long time.

What bothers me though is I see so many articles in the Philippine press stating that global warming in the Philippines in the Philippines is a fact. Yet when I searched Google for “evidence of global warming in the Philippines” I found nothing. Dengue spikes and the officials blame global warming. I’ve seen other times when officials in the Philippines blamed global warming. Maybe they are right, where is the evidence. Or is global warming a scapegoat. When the experts hype global warming they do not do their cause any good and that goes the same for global warming hype in the Philippines.

We’ve had an increase in mosquitoes in our home this week. It was likely caused by the typhoons that have been blowing through the Philippines. It rained almost every day for two months in Bogo City. It rained a lot before the approach of the typhoon that actually hit Cebu. It was classified as typhoon here but a tropical storm for the rest of the world. It surely dropped a lot of rain and we saw a large influx of mosquitoes about a week later. We have a banana grove behind our house, a perfect place for rain water to collect and mosquitoes to breed. Nothing we can do about that. Rather than blame global warming and people in the Philippines, I think rain and the jungle is a more likely cause. However dengue is more common in urban areas as people do create places for mosquitoes to breed.

A couple of months ago Jessie and I were at a beach near our home and there were a lot of Jellyfish. Jellyfish populations around the world are thought to be rising. Global warming and pollution are mostly blamed. The water where we are were isn’t polluted. Jessie kept asking “Why are there Jellyfish, they should only be here in the summer” which is primarily the month of May. That is when the water is the warmest allowing them to approach the coast line and shallower water. So the temperature may really be going up in the Philippines and not just in my bedroom.

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