Two Bombs in Iligan

Terrorism in Mindanao continues to be attributed to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front as two new bombing incidence are discovered. This time it was in Northern Mindanao.  It was close to Cagayan de Oro (CDO) a city that I’m often told is safe from terrorism in the Philippines.

The first bomb exploded a few hours after Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo visited the city.  Three people have died due to the blast.  The other bomb was discovered and defused before Bombit was detonated.  Two young men, ages 20 and 22 were killed in the blast as they worked for the market where the improvised explosive device (IED) was detonated.

It is easy to become jaded by so much violence and I usually am, for some reason this event is helping me to see just how sad this is.  Two  young lives ended before they had a chance to fully develop.

I keep hearing how safe Mindanao is.  For the 10 months I’ve lived here that just hasn’t been the case.  Manila may be even more dangerous because of the high levels of crime, Mindanao is certainly filled with risk of a different crime.  I know of one police building in the Visayas Region attacked.  I have not learned of any bombs or kidnappings happening in the Visayas.  Though I think that kind of thing may begin to happen more often here.

But there is a on going civil war being executed in Mindanao.  There are kidnappings.  There are hundreds of thousands of refugees and there are Al-qaeda operatives.  There are kidnapping gangs, whether they are a part of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front or not really doesn’t matter to me.  The kidnappings are what matters to me.  I could care less if they are operating for the love of money rather than the love of Allah.

There’s not chaos in Mindanao, or at least most parts of it.  If you go there you are not certain to see trouble.  You probably will not see trouble.  However, you’re far more likely to see it there than you are in most other parts of the Philippines.  Most people will never have any problem of this type in Mindanao, but your chance of finding yourself a victim of terrorism is higher in Mindanao than it is in most other parts of the Philippines.

It is also such a beautiful area of the Philippines.  I would love to visit there and likely will when i get the opportunity.  I guess, I’m more cautious than most expats.  I’m not saying that’s a good thing, it appears to be just a thing.  Of course, I only hear from a few expats, there may be many smart enough to be quiet and not bring any attention to themselves.

People that think Mindanoa is safe may continue to think that.  I do not think Mindanoa is a safe place for me.

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