Communist Rebels attack Police Station Shooting Officer

Wow, it is being reported that four heavily armed communist rebels attacked a police station in the Philippine Province of Negros Oriental.  As a diversion, two Filipina preceded the attackers to report a fictitious crime. It has been reported that the gunmen shot and wounded one officer.

Troops were sent to the area and are in hot pursuit of the rebels.

The most alarming issue is that this attack occurred in the central part of the country.  Attacks have been limited to the most southern part of the country.  There have been some attacks in Manila too but those have been greatly diminished in the past year.

This attack shows the rebels wish to move their battle to other parts of the country and at least some ability to do so.  The attack on a police station is a bold move.  I’m sure it will result in stepped up security throughout the country.

I have noticed soldiers in the Bogo City in recent months.  There is increased fighting in the deep southern tip of the country between troops and MILF, a Muslim group that has been fighting Christians for centuries.  The conflict with the Philippines Regulars and communist rebels has been on going since the 1960s.

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