Red Cross Official Kidnapped in Philippines

Abu Sayyaf is thought to be behind the latest kidnapping in Mindanao.  This time a high ranking official from the International Red Cross Committee (IRIC) was taken along with two others.  One a Filipino engineer from Davao in the province to look into way to improve the conditions of detainees.  Three other Filipino were released.

The group had been offered armed escort but refused it since they wish to remain neutral.   The IRIC reported that the members had been warned of the situation on the island and choose to go anyway.  They went on to say that their work there would not be slowed.  They would continue to provide support to the people of Mindanao.

I hope that next time they will accept the armed escort if it is offered.  If not, the person refusing it should be expected to join the aid workers.  It is a little hard for me to comprehend the refusal of protection.

Most of the recent kidnapping events in Mindanao have involved aid workers.  I’m sure it gets the terrorist organization more press and since these individuals are backed by deep pockets, they know that there is a possibility that the ransom will be paid.  If they were to kidnap just anyone, there may be no money available to pay the ransom.  Of course the Red Cross has the money, I don’t know what their position is on paying the ransom.  I’m sure if I were the one that was being held I would be hoping and praying that the ransom would be paid.

Aid workers, take every precuation you can.  You can’t provide aid if your held in a hot Philippine jungle.

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