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The Bogo City Festival just had finished up its yearly event. I spent several days trying to find out when the parade would be. I’m beginning to wonder if there even was a parade. There had to be a parade. I don’t think it is possible to have a festival in the Philippines without a parade.

Trying To Find The Parade During The Bogo City Festival

I never did find out what time the parade would be. I went down to the Bogo City town plaza around 5pm hoping I’d stumble into it. I listened for drums all day on Sunday. I did hear some early that morning. Perhaps that was the parade.

If you have information about events in Bogo City and would like to have me help in spreading the word, I would be more than happy to do so. You can use the contact form to contact me. You can even text or call me at 0929-556-5461. I will  share that information here and several other locations to help get people to attend.

Sunday was the last day of the Bogo City Festival and it sure is a lot quieter now. There were “Street discos” all over downtown Bogo City. We found three or four of them but there were not any dancers on Sunday.  The festival really seemed to be pretty much over by the time I tried to find it.

So, I turned the outing into a Filipina watching event. Trying to capture the lovely beast in the cross Sexy Filipinahairs of my camera and capture them in electrons to share with you. I did have some success. Jessie and I first stopped at the Pizza Point. I ordered sausage. I couldn’t eat all of it because it was severed cold in the center. I sure hope it was precooked! What I did eat was very good but I just wish they had actually cooked it. It cost around P200 which is expensive for what you get. However, they did have Coke Zero so they get a thumbs up for that.

Later, I went into the town plaza itself a couple of times. The first time I went in alone. That always seems to surprise some of the Filipinos I come across. I get odd looks that I don’t notice when Jessie is with me.

There are vendors all over the place during the festival.  One  year I went down to the plaza the day after the Bogo City Festival was over as I was hoping to get some good deals from the vendors. Poof! They were all gone. Every single one of them had already packed up and left for more prosperous places. It could be that Bogo City makes them leave after the festival is over.

Bogo City FestivalThere are vendors selling jewelry, furniture, toys, a never ending supply of food and probably anything else you can think of.  I ran across a couple of vendors selling BBQ flavored popcorn. This might have been one of those “Only in the Philippines” moments.

There was one interesting toy. I suspect a type of Chinese kite. It was a bird that flew around quite well. Jessie pointed one out that was flying near our heads. I didn’t see where they were being sold though or I might have got a couple for the boys.

With Jermain, it would have lasted maybe five minutes. If he didn’t break it by accident he would have to find out how it worked by taking it apart and then wondering why mom can’t fix it. Later he would destroy his big brothers too. He gets that taking things apart from his mother. She’s always taking things apart. Sometimes the things must have extra parts as when she puts them back together they occasionally have a few pieces they didn’t appear to need. I can tell as they don’t go back in what she took apart. haha

Cotton Candy At The Bogo City FestivalThere is a lot of junk food at a festival. And what good would a festival be without junk food? Peanuts abound as does candy. The picture on the left is a vendor covered up in pink cotton candy.

The park was very crowded but the crowd is well behaved. I can assure you I did remember not to put my wallet nor my cell phone in my pocket. I don’t use a wallet any more and it is in the closet along with some of my IDs and other stuff I do not need to carry around with me. It mostly has expired IDs in it. I will use that as my dummy wallet. That is a fake wallet in case I get held up.

There isn’t a need to do that in Bogo City as those kind of hold ups are rare. In Cebu City, its not common but it isn’t a bad idea. You do run the risk of making a bad guy mad though once he finds out what you gave him. As long as you don’t put fake stuff in the wallet but instead put expired IDs in the wallet he’d never know you did it intentionally.

Pretty Filipina at the Bogo City FestivalOne of the best things about vendors in the park is that they draw in cute Filipina. A perfect place for me to lie in wait like a hunter in his blind. They get caught up in their transactions and their food. I patiently wait like an expert hunter and when they are not prepared, I sping the trap with a click and a flash from my camera. Otherwise the elusive and beautiful beast might shy away and hide from her capture.

Another option is find a couple of ladies engaged in their conversations. This is also a nice tactic to use to capture the pretty but sometimes shy Filipina. Not all Filipina are shy though. Some will even pose for me as they see I’m about to take their picture. Yet many run away as soon as I try so I’ve learned to be cunning in the approach.  Any good hunter must learn to adapt and wait until the prey is otherwise distracted. this seems to be a good approach when hunting the Filipina. . I’ve found that most Women of the Philippines at the Bogo City Fesitvaldo like to have their picture taken but refuse to let you know that if they see you first.

The BBQ by The Bogo City Bay

 Before returning home, Jessie and I headed down to the BBQ by the Bay. Always low cost and good food, especially if you know which stall to go too. I think the price is the same at all of the stalls but the quality and taste of the food does vary a great deal. If you’re in Bogo and want to try some BBQ by the Bay, grab the last stall to order from. You’re not likely to go wrong there. Avoid the second to last as I’ve observed some nasty things going on at that one.

This little cutie seemed to enjoy the attention of my picture taking.  She soon vanished though. She appears to be in her mid teens to me.

Teenage Filipina at a BBQ in Cebu PhilippinesI got my usual pork chops while at the BBQ, I didn’t ask what it cost us for the visit but I’m sure it was under P300 for the four pork chops Jessie and I ate along with the other stuff for Jessie. Like the required rice.

One little girl, a toddler was immersed in my presence at the Bogo City BBQ. But what really excited her was my camera. I don’t think she had a clue what that thing was but when I lifted it up to take her picture delight spread across her face.

After our meal Jessie and I headed home. We didn’t have to wait long for a tricycle but we got lucky in that. They were very busy Sunday night and hard to find. Though we didn’t find the parade I enjoyed my outing. My feet didn’t like it too much but they Baby Filipina in Cebuneed to get over it. haha I’m going to start short walks, its the best I can do right now. I need to do something as this sitting behind a computer all day is not a very healthy thing.  I just wish it didn’t hurt so much to freaking walk.  I really hope that someday I can get back to my long walks in the Philippines. It really is a very good way to get pictures and to see the Philippines up close.

Have you had the chance to visit a festival in the Philippines? If so tell me about it. Better yet, log in to our forum and attach some photos to your post. You can find our forum at Cebu Forum.

I don’t see many foreigners at the festivals. If you are living in the Philippines, make sure you go to some of the festivals. They are full of pageantry, dance and song.

By Rusty Ferguson

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