I found this video a while back, it shows the poverty in the Philippines that some living in Cebu most cope with.  It is gut wrenching to watch but it shows just how bad things can get.  It also shows just how hard Filipino are willing to work.

Poverty In The Philippines

It shows many things, such as how much help is needed here.  The hardest part of this video is the

Children living in Garbage Dumps in the Philippines

mentioning of the little boy that died that day when he was run over by one of the large trucks that service the garbage dump in Cebu.  The video reports that 40 children were killed in such accidents in a year.

When I first moved here, the depth of poverty was hard for me to accept.  The lack of apparent help is also hard to understand.  Where is the church?  Maybe they are active in helping and I just can’t see it.  I don’t know.  Some few might choose to live this way but I don’t think most do.  That’s the argument many use for the street people in the USA too.  And there it is sometimes true.  Or is it they prefer to live this way compared to the alternatives.  I think that is more likely an accurate answer.   I don’t see other alternatives here though.

Me, I think begging would be a better answer than living in these kinds of conditions.

Poverty In The Philippines Treated As A Nuisance By Some

I’ve read stories of expats begging in the streets as well.  They come from other expats.  Mostly from those that are complaining about it while they visit Angeles City or Manila.  I don’t get the impression there are a lot of expats resorting to this.  Rather, I think, they tend to stand out.

I read of one such expat that came here with money.  Invested it all in a business with his wife.  The wife found a Filipino boyfriend to support and ended up with his business and money.  They say the guy is constantly asking where he might find work teaching English.  I know of one expat that did get a job teaching English.  I’ve lost touch with him, I wish I knew how that turned out.

Smokey mountain of Cebu

When Jessie saw this video, she called it the “smokey mountain.”  I asked her why she called it that and she explained “that is what we call it.”  She went on to explain that she didn’t know if that is a common phrase but that the people she knew called the garbage dumps that.

It should be noted that the narrator in the video is pronouncing Cebu incorrectly.  He says it the way I use to say it.  Something like “Seeboo” but “Saboo” is closer to correct.

While I have become accustomed to the low income that many Filipino endure, this film and others like it are hard to stomach.  I found another one video as I was writing this article.  It is even more disturbing.  I will try to post it soon.

When I first moved here, I saw the poverty in the Philippines and it caused some fear.  Where I’m from, a poverty stricken area also means a high rate of crime.  However, I learned that poverty in the Philippines doesn’t not always equate to high rate of crime in that area.

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