Anyone that has read more than a few pages on this blog knows I love living in the Philippines. How many people dream of being able to live a life like mine? To recline under a palm tree on the beach while soaking up the sun or in my place, the pretty girls walking by. Well, don’t shoot me, the sun is my enemy.

I have that life. It is a good life and I do enjoy it very much. For many of us, those that are not rich or No Coke In The Philippines or Just Cebueven well off can and do increase their opportunities in life by living in a developing nation like the Philippines. The Philippines might be one of the better choices simply due to the people of the Philippines. Yes, I know the bad Filipinos are what you hear the most about. You know what, Filipinos hear mostly about bad Westerners too. Those doing the right thing, rarely are featured in the papers.

Is it paradise? Hardly. Today, I expected to suffer through another super hot day with no air con. I thought there was a very good chance that the electricity would be cut off today. That didn’t happen and I’m glad to be wrong. I really thought the electriicty would be shut off today. However, I’ll get to worry about it all over again next Sunday. Based on the prior two months, I can expect a day without electricity this month and we are fast running out of Sundays for which the power company can inflict its wrath on us. I take it personal; I think they are out to get me. haha

No Cokes In The Philippines?

Instead we had another issue today.  I have a few bad habits and being addicted to cola drinks is one of them. Guess what? There are none in Bogo City for the last two days. We use to get all our cokes at the beginning of the month. Why we stopped doing that, I don’t know. Well, sometimes people help themselves to them. So we started keeping them in our bedroom to stop that. Then Jessie just stopped doing it. I just asked her to start doing that again.  She said “Okay” but we’ve had this conversation about five times now.

There are no Coke or Pepsi products to be had in Bogo City. Jessie even stopped by Jollibee. Jollibee’s is fast foods franchise much like McDonald’s but better. Even they have no Coke. They don’t have Coke Classic which I can’t drink and they don’t have Coke Zero either. Before moving here, I had completely got off caffeine. I drank Coke Zero only. I’m a highly motivated somewhat anxious person. I do not need any caffeine. Coke Zero in the Philippines isn’t quite null and void of all of the bad stuff. It has no sugar but it has plenty of caffeine.

It isn’t uncommon to run out of either Coke or Pepsi but this is the first time we’ve run out of both. What? Is there a bubbly water shortage or what? I don’t know if there is one distributor for both products in the Philippines. I doubt that would be the case any place in the USA. There must be some cause for this though.

I tried to find out who owns them or to see if they had a common address in the Philippines. I couldn’t find out much about the Coke distributor  in the Philippines. Mostly I kept getting taken to the home page in Atlanta Georgia. Do you know if the companies are related? Do you know why there are no cokes in Bogo City? Is it just northern Cebu or is all of Cebu out of these kinds of soft drinks?

I did leave a question on the Pespi website for the Philippines. I asked them if they knew that Bogo City was out of Pepsi and if so, why? Maybe the Coke and Pepsi driver were racing on our one highway and collided it. I think running out of a product for an entire city is hard for a Westerner to comprehend but two of them?

It certainly isn’t the end of the world. I’m more amused than anything else. Bewildered might be a better word. It isn’t uncommon that we have to search them out but it is uncommon not be able to find either one.

Because of the auto-immune disorders and diabetes, that I have, I’m extra thirsty.  Sarah, are you there? I think diabetes is also an auto-immune disorder. See, I’m always curious about the details. Sarah is a reader that either is an MD or very close to being one.

So this Sunday, I was spared being out of electricity but not my caffeine fix. I’m drinking bottled tea like a British man that’s been lost in the desert for a week but I need my fizzle. All I want for Christmas is a steady supply of coke?  Well, that and delivered by a horde of Filipina.  Sorry, I really like Filipina.

Life In The Philippines Requires Adaptation

Next Sunday is going to be a prime time to plan to be away from home. That all day brownout can’t be too far away Capitancillo Isletand I still have not been to Capitancillo Islet. I am trying to conserve cash but I’ve not been any place at all lately. I think it is time. I don’t know if I’ll go but it is on my mind. The timing seems perfect. First I have to get off my vampire schedule. I am back to sleeping in the day and working through the night. This low dose caffeine though is about to put me fast to sleep.

You know, if you’re going to live in the Philippines or any other developing nation you’re going to reap a lot of benefits from that. You’ll also have some issues that are not quite up to what we are use to in the USA. If you can’t learn to take some of these minor inconveniences in life with a smile on your face, it could get very frustrating for you to live in the Philippines.

By Rusty Ferguson

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