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Lately I have seen some nasty things said by Westerners about the Philippines.  Many times out of ignorance toward the Philippines.  Often from shallow people that have no idea about what is important in life. Most are suffering from severe self esteem and slamming others help them to feel better about themselves.

Sure there are problems here but what really matters in life?  Is it things that matter?  They are nice to have.  I know I miss all my electronics that I had accumulated through life, most of them now gone as I sold them before I left.  Others in storage and may be there forever.  I’m not sure what kind of shape they are in now.  I heard there were leaks in the room where my stuff is at.  So what, those things matter almost none at all.  I had $15,000 in audio video toys and they didn’t make me happy.  Having no one to share them with was lonely.

Is it your job?  Wow, I had a fairly prestigious job, it feels good that I achieved it.  I miss it sometimes, so many years later, sometimes I still have dreams about it.  When I was young, I

had to prove to myself that I could do it.  It was a government position and many people hate what I did, not prestigious to them at all.  But for people within the industry it is and I was very honoured to reach it.  I don’t think I’d be alive now if I was still doing it.  I retied, I think 7 years ago and boy was that the right choice.

Priceless Filipino

Two things are important, the rest, I don’t think matters much.  People and God.  The people of the Philippines are the value of the Philippines.  Most are very good people.  You’ll hear how they will rip  you off, extort money from you, rob you and do everything they can to get money out of you.

Yea I’ve met some people that are constantly trying to get money out of me.  They become someone in my past in a short time.  Filipino are mostly a very proud people.  Most are too proud to take money from you for anything other than work.

And geesh most work very hard, for very little income.  Filipina seem to want to show how strong they are, at least the ones I know.  I’ve watched some road improvements underway in Bogo, wow that’s hard work.  A pick axe and shovels in the hot blazing sun.

Most important though, it is just hard to find a rude Filipino, a mean Filipino,or a hateful Filipino.  I’ve seen Westerners talk of how the pinoy will stare at you.  Well, if you say hello to them, they will give you huge smiles.  They may offer you a drink, this is what friends do here in the Philippines.  If I drank every time someone offered, I’d be one polluted kano (white guy)!

I’ve had one landlord not deliver what was promised, put me in a different apartment, smaller with limited aircon.  That was probably the worst I’ve been treated here.  It was a nice place except it was smaller than it was suppose to be and only the bedroom had aircon.  I made due for about six weeks though.  I’ve paid more custom duties than I should have, when I first got here.  The first two months was kind of difficult for me.

Then either I got smarter or I stopped running into so much bad luck because  the people have been great.  My current landlord gets under my skin at times.  Everything has to be her way but then she did co-sign on our furniture when we first moved in.  Without that, I might still be sleeping on the floor but I bet I would have aircon!  LOL  That will be paid off by the end of the year, then I can get some more but for cash only.

The Philippines is an amazing country because of the amazing Filipino that make it up. If you’re not finding that to be true, you’re doing something wrong.  First smile, say hello and be polite.  That’s the culture of the Philippines, if you can’t deal with that, you’re better off not coming here.

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