Dang Rain!

It is the rainy season in the Philippines and its certainly living up to  its name over the last week.  Its not all bad though, the temperatures are down a good deal, My aircon can keep up and actually cool the room to the temperature its set at.

I don’t think there’s been a single day for the last week and a half, maybe two weeks without rain.  Today has been particularly wet.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the rain, I love to sit on the porch with a smoke while its raining.  That’s where I took a picture of this flower:

Flowers in The Rain

Flowers in The Rain

This flower opens and closes each day.  Opening when only the sun is high in the sky.  I was a bit surprised it was open during this rain shower.  It grows amid a barbwire fence.  Its kind of like life itself, the beautiful lies among the dangerous and old and rusted.

This is only my second rainy season in the Philippines.  Last year was extra dry.  This year a lot more rain.  But it does not rain all day long.  Its not a hard driving rain, not a monsoon like rain.  Probably it is caused by the monsoon winds but its not the drenching one usually thinks of when they think of monsoons.  India get the brunt of those but we do get them here too.

I’ve had to cancel meeting Christine twice in the last couple of weeks because of rain.  Both times, we should have gone ahead and met but its hard to know that when its raining often.  Both of those nights it didn’t rain but it was so iffy that was really our only choice.  We wanted to go to the BBQ by the Bay and it is mostly open.  There is a small covered area but it fills up fast when there is a lot of rain.  Since it might be raining when we got there, it would have already been full.

I suppose there will be more cases of dengue as there will be more places for the mosquito to breed.  Dengue is not something to be played with, it can kill but most often leaves its mark on the afflicted for weeks or even months to come.

You may recall, a few days ago I wrote about the dragon’s breath here in Cebu and spoke of the likely hood that rain would be coming.  If we’ve had a day without rain, that was the only day but I think it rained that night too.

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