What a fun day in Bogo City! I’m being sarcastic as I am in the middle of hour five of what appears to be an all day brownout.

A few days ago, a friend from Mindanao sent me a text message. He was not happy about a brownout he was going through in Davao City.

I told him it had been about six weeks since we had had a brownout in Bogo but that I had little doubt they would be back.

Then I read about some scheduled brownouts in Angeles due this week. Though it is a long way from me, I suspected that I would be seeing the return of the dreaded brownout.

Vegetable Market in Bogo City

I lost my sense of humor about them a long time ago.

The lights went out at 8am this morning. Usually we see this on Sunday’s and when we do, the lights are out all day. Since it is Wednesday, I thought it wouldn’t be too long, still I worried due to the time it started.

Jessie called the power company a few minutes after the power was shut off. They told her it would be two hours. At one point, the times they gave us were usally accurate but for the last six months, not accurate at all.

Three hours later and still no electricity. Jessie calls again and was told there was a delay. Jessie said “It will probably till lunch.” I said, “It will be all day.”

It is now almost 2pm, my first battery powered fan died hours ago. The second one is getting slow and about to die.

At least it is not as hot as it usually is. It has been cloudy most of the day. I wish the rain would return to help keep it cool.

I hope I’m wrong but I don’t anticapte having electricty restored until after 5pm.

To amuse herself, Jessie decided to cut on me! Dang Waray like sharp things. I’m being a bit dramatic, she cut my toe nails and finger nails just to have something to do. When it was over, she said “Now my fun is over.”

I want to take a shower, but so far, I don’t want that bad enough to endure the cold water. With little sun today, it is likely to be quite cold.

So, I’ve taken a few minutes to write this article and warn the reader of the biggest draw back to living in the Philippines. For those of living in Cebu, it is even worse. Cebu is plauged with brownouts.

Even though the National Power Corporation (NPC) has said there will be plenty of power in the Visayas, I knew there would be more brownouts.

There, now my fan died and the heat is really on. I’ll likely find my way to that cold shower soon as the sweat starts pouring off me.

I likely have three more hours of brownout to endure. It is going to be so much fun!

Maybe I can come up with some more story ideas while I melt.   Writing helps to take my angry mind off the lack of electricity in the Philippines.

Before the day was over, not only did we  loose electricity but we also  lost water and the phone has been dead  since  about noon.   The lights came  on at 2pm  and  then back  off at 4pm.   Finally we had electricity starting around 5:30.    To finish it all off the  Internet died shortly after the lights came back on.

I was finally able to take a  shower around 9pm.

I do fear a repeat for tomorrow.  I hope my fears are unfounded.

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