Do Not Flush The Tissue

This is a difficult topic to approach but it is part of the human experience that none of us can avoid in one way or another.  Please no one challenge me on that.  When you come to the Philippines, at least in large parts of it, you’ll have to go through potty training again!  I just hope you don’t need any assistance.

Not long after arriving in the Philippines, I rented an apartment in Talisay.  A suburb of Cebu City.  My GF told me not to flush toilet paper.  I thought on that for a bit and asked her what do I doDon't Flush the Tissue with it, “Throw it away?”  That didn’t sound like a good option to me!  Jessie explained “I don’t use it.”  So now I’m really confused.

I thought about that for a while. I then realized why nearly every home or hotel I’ve been to in the Philippines has a water bucket and a pail or dipper as they call it.  I’m not going to go into details on this, you’re going to have to think on it yourself.

I have a good friend that lives here.  He has been here for more than 8 years.  I mentioned this in a story in the past.  My friend said he’d never even heard of that.  Then my confusion went way up.  I asked my girlfriend again and she didn’t understand either.

I had already been learning how different the culture of the Philippines is from island to island and even city to city.  So I realized there must have been some influence in Cebu that they don’t have in Mindanao where my friend lives.

I’ve also been to the Island of Leyte and the same holds true there.  The  plumbing can’t handle the tissue paper.  in the places I’ve visited in both Cebu and Leyte Islands.

Moving To The Philippines

My purpose in writing this story is to try to get across to people how different the Philippines is from what most Westerners realize.  I don’t think anything will fully prepare someone that’s on his or her way to live here but it is my purpose to explore these massive differences and then hopefully get across that if millions of people live like this you can too.  Not only can you adjust, you can learn a lot about what is important in life and what is not.

Please share your experience with this and where you’re located at.  What is the practise in Luzon for example?  Let me hear from you so we can solve the great toilet paper mystery of the Philippines!

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