Tornado in Cebu

There was a tornado in southern Cebu Province on Thursday, August 18th 2010!  It hit about 65 kilometres south of Cebu City in Argao Town.

Its being called a whirlwind but the whirlwinds we know in the USA don’t bring damage.  This did bring damage.  It was on the ground for about three minutes.  It caused damage in a 100 meter area from where it passed.  That is no whirlwind, that is a tornado.

Philippine Weather

Some Filipino believe that tornadoes don’t occur in the Philippines but it is scientific fact that tornadoes do occur in all

storm clouds

Tornado Reaches Down

countries throughout the world.  I have a friend in my city, Bogo City, that told me he observed a couple of water spouts off the coast of here  Last year, Samar province was hit by a tornado.  This is all in the last couple of years.  Tornadoes do occur in the Philippines.

There has even been talk of developing a tornado warning system.  I suppoe, if there is a base storm, people will point fingers at the government for it not being in place.  I don’t know, seems like there are more pressing needs in the Philippines but perhaps it can be approached at the same time the other problems are.

At this time, I’ve not seen this storm officially called a tornado but based on accounts of  a whirling wind, that’s what it was.  Sometimes micro-burst and streamlined winds are blamed on a tornado but in this case, it seems that local government officials are reporting seeing a spinning debris field and that is a tornado.

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