Someone asked me to write an article about camping in the Philippines. I should start out by saying that even though I love camping and have looked into, I have not yet been camping in the Philippines. That doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about it. I do know about camping in the Philippines.

Interested In Camping In The Philippines?

The primary reason that I have not been camping in the Philippines is that I sold all my camping gear before I moved to the Philippines. There are several sporting good stores at SM Mall in Cebu City. I’ve been in them and checked prices. I’ve put that on the back burner as Jessie is not all that into it. I think though, if we took the kids and actually did it, she’d begin to see that differently. So I suspect at some point, I’ll be camping in the Philippines.

Where is the Best Place to go Camping in the Philippines?

I think it would be at the beach. As I understand it,Camping In the Philippines at Mt Mayon all beach property in the Philippines is open to the public. I understand that is the law in the Philippines. Before writing this story, I looked for that law and was unable to find it. If a reader knows where I can find it, please direct us to it in the comments below. Also, if you’ve been camping in the Philippines please tell us about it.

I’ve seen many places charging for access to the beach. I’ve seen some resorts and a city park charging for the right to camp on their beach. I don’t think it is legal to do it but it goes on all the time. I’d just pay it and shut up. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources tore down some structures in Bantayan Island. One of the reasons sited was blocking access to the beach and charging for access. You’re also not suppose to build any structure within a certain distance of high tide in the Philippines. This goes on a lot too.

You’d probably be a little safer if you payed a resort to camp on their beach. One place I want to go camping is Capitancillo Islet. This is an islet near Bogo City. Many go there for diving and snorkeling. It cost about P1500 to take a pump boat there but if it is a busy time they may try to charge you as much as P2500. I had hoped to go visit the islet this month but I am not going to make it. I’ll probably have to wait a while. I have a lot going on December already so I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it in December either.

One problem with camping there would be that there is no transportation in the middle of the night. I don’t know if there is a cell phone signal. If there was a medical emergency in the middle of the night, you’d probably have no choice but to wait until a boat came in the next day.

Camping in rural areas of the Philippines could have some security risk with them. This would increase in the mountains. I’m uncertain how high that risk is. I’ve been told by many to stay out of the mountains in the Philippines. That a foreigner shouldn’t go there. Now, I’m not talking  about areas where many tourist go. It is being alone as a foreigner in the rural areas of the Philippines puts you at some risk. This risk goes up outside of Cebu province. I remain uncertain about how sever this risk is in most ares. In some areas of Mindanao it would be insane to go camping in the rural areas.

I found a few locations where camping is welcome. However, I think you could camp on any beach in the Philippines. I’d try to find the land owner and respectfully ask for their okay. I’d also offer to pay but they may or many not accept it. Many times though, there will be no land owner to be found. There are lots of beaches around my home with no sign of anyone living there.

Places To Camp In The Philippines

You should do you’re own research and check out each of these places as I have not. Make sure they still have camping and make your own assessment on security issues. I would want to know if they have overnight staff and security guards. Each one is a link so you can visit that site to find out more information.

I would love to go camping in the Philippines but I have such a full schedule that I don’t know when I’ll be able to finally do it. If you are the outdoors type, camping is a great way to bond with the family and it can also be very romantic. It is a good way to unwind and relax too. I love camping away from the bright lights and enjoying the stars and a campfire at night. You might not need a campfire in the Philippines but I’d still have one. Camping in the Philippines will provide a great way to bond with family, firends or that special person in your life.

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