Air Fares Continue to Fall in The Philippines

GMA News is reporting additional fare reductions by Cebu Pacific Airlines in an effort to get the public flying again.

The lowest one-way fare to Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam from Manila is now down to P299 from P1,799, while a seat to Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia has dropped to as low as P299 from P799. The cheapest Manila to Macau one-way seat has been slashed by P1,000 to P799.

This will certainly help me out.  P200 is less than $6.30 at the current rate of exchange.  So I can fly to Vietnam for $6.30 one way per person.   Since many long term expats must leave the country every 16 months this really helps us out.  I would like to go to Singapore or Bangkok but I’ll do what I need to do.  I would likely need a Visa to get into Vietnam but I will check into that to be certain.

I don’t need a Visa for Thailand or Singapore or many other countries.  I hope I can take my girlfriend with me but so far that wont be possible. She’s trying to get her paperwork together so we can get her a passport.

I’ve been in the country for over eight months and its time I get this matter thoroughly thought through and planned for.   I need to plan on the highest payments though and need to have that money in the bank when it comes time for me to travel.

I had hoped to go to the US for a month in November but that’s not possible as I’m about $3000 short for that trip.  How much does it cost?  About $3000.00 lol 🙂  That’s an estimate though, I have not checked the price in more than six months.  From what I can tell, airlines are not doing well, don’t seem like they can cut rates much.

So for now, this high flier is grounded while I try to stuff away some cash in the bank!

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