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Tonight I was browsing around the web looking for topics on Philippines Travel and I stumbled upon a site named Mango Tours. I thought, are they offering tours to mango swamps? They probably have those included.  Mango Tours is a US based company that specialized in tour packages to the Asia and the Mango Tours website is rather impressive.


Mango Shake

Mango Tours offers some nice packages to Palawan, I wish I had found them before I finalized my plans. Though they are more expensive than what I found, I only paid for a room. My cost was only about half.

I have no idea what I’m going to do once I’m in Palawan. I’m sure I can find tours once I’m there though. Probably for less.

I can’t recommend Mango Tours because I have not used them. I will consider using them in the future though. I have long term plans to visit Manila’s Ocean Park and a trip to Davao. When I go to Davao, I will likely visit a Civet coffee operation and will likely make my own arraignments but I will certainly take a look at Mango Tours for all my Philippines travel from now on.

I also don’t know the people associated with Mango Tours but would love to hear from them. I’m writing this article because it is hard to find travel information about the Philippines and they have a nice website with a good deal of information.

The video below comes from their YouTube channel and now that I’ve seen it, I hope to make a trip to Star Fish Island. I knew about it but have only seen pictures up until now. That’s the same kind of star fish I took a picture of during my last trip to Bantayan Island. It looks painful to step on but Filipinos have told me it is totally harmless to humans but it is also a reef killer. They eat reefs. I’ve seen pictures of huge star fish from Palawan.

Mango Tours has a lot of information about the hotels in Palawan, of course the hotels they offer tour packages for.

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