When Jessie and I visited Tacloban in mid December 2011, we stayed at Tacloban Plaza. The price was good at about P830 a night. The hotel itself left something to be desired. It wasn’t horrible but there were a number of things that were less than adequate. I will not stay there again unless I have no choice.

Tacloban Plaza Could Be Better

When we got off our trike and arrived at Tacloban Plaza, we were greeted  with “No rooms.” That was Tacloban Plazaalarming at just after 9pm. They checked for our reservation and found they did have one room available. Not the type of room we reserved but at least we had an air con and a bed. After 11 hours of travel, I was ready for both and a comfort room (CR). I was a bit worried right away and I told Jessie they are putting us in a “Dump room.” They didn’t know we had a reservation so I felt this is a room they avoid renting out.

As we approached our room, I thought the hotel was much nicer than I expected. I had seen some negative reviews for Tacloban Plaza. I don’t take them as gospel though. I’ve seen some poor reviews for some hotels I thought were just fine. You’ll see many Westerners give poor reviews for hotels and pension homes here. They are paying $30 a night and expecting a $100 Western style room. That’s not going to happen folks.

Once in the room, I was blasted with cold air. That is not normal, usually the air con is off when you enter a room in the Philippines. They don’t turn them on at the front desk like they do in the USA. The air con was adequate and little too cool but that’s fine with me. We had trouble adjusting it and thought we couldn’t. We finally figured out how on our last day. The knobs on the air con to control it were missing. The room was clean, that was not a problem at all. So the room was okay but with all the little issues, I made a reservation with another hotel for my next visit.

Then I noticed we had two twin beds. That displeased me a great deal. Jessie explained it is all Tacloban Plaza had available. Oh well, we were stuck with it and Jessie pushed the beds together. Our TV was about 10 inches and there was no remote.

We turned on the TV and found we had only two channels. Jessie called down to Tacloban Plaza’s front desk to  ask how many channels we were suppose to have. Jessie was told “I don’t know anything about that, you need to call another number.” Jessie tried to reach someone at that number but all she got was a busy signal. So she called the next day and they sent someone up. We didn’t have a lot of channels there there were enough. It seems  you have to press another button on the set whenever the TV does that.

The next morning I heard Jessie let out a shocked scream as she turned the shower water on. I knew that meant cold water. I managed to get it barely warm for me and she did as well on day two. It was still quite cold but not ice cold like it was for her. Tacloban Plaza advertises hot and cold water. I’m use to cooler water and that water is not hot.

I ate only breakfast at the hotel and it was fine. I got two strips of bacon with my breakfast but that’s not unusual. It tasted fine. They had tomatoes in the eggs and I hate those but that’s just a personal thing. Jessie asked them to hold them during the rest of the trip and they did. The breakfast was only P55. I enjoyed the bacon and eggs.

Andok’s is just across the street and we ate there most of the time. Andok’s is famous for their lechon Andok's in Taclobanmanok. It doesn’t taste as much like BBQ as it does in Bogo City. It is roasted and very tender.  Andok’s also has decent fried pork chops. Andok’s can be found in many locations in the Philippines. There are at least two locations in Cebu City. We also ordered a pizza from Alexis. The pizza had massive amounts of cheese. Jessie said they did that because it didn’t have much meat. She was right, it didn’t but it was good with all that cheese on it.

Avoid Tacloban Plaza

So while the price was good at Tacloban Plaza, there were issues. No hot water and twin beds when we reserved a room with one double bed being the biggest issues. No remote didn’t please me a great deal either. The air con worked better than most rooms in the price range and the rooms at Tacloban Plaza are clean.  Knobs missing on the air con and the TV didn’t work properly. If I couldn’t get a room at another hotel in Tacloban I would stay at Tacloban Plaza again.

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