I just returned from a trip to Tacloban City in Leyte. I left on Friday and returned on Tuesday. While there I stayed at Tacloban Plaza, a hotel I cannot recommend. I’ll write more on in another article. I went to my first Filipino wedding on this visit and it was an important reason for my trip. Jessie has not been home for a while and it was important to me that she sees her family, including her son that does not live with us. We want him to live with us but there are obstacles in our way to prevent that.

Tacloban is not very far away but the trips took close to 12 hours each way. I can see Leyte from Bogo City. Tacloban is on the opposite side of the island but it is at a fairly narrow point. Jessie had learned that the bus ride from Palompon was four to five hours. I thought that information had to be  wrong. On the map it looks like it is about 30 minutes away. The information proved to be correct.

Leyte is more mountainous than Cebu. The mountains there tend to be much higher. The bus obviously doesn’t take a direct path. That is likely because of the mountains. Most of the cities are also along the coastline. I’m going to take a look at Google Earth later and write more on that issue as well.

I ate at Andoks, many Westerners that visit the Philippines mention this as one of their favorite places to eat. I forgot that I had been there several years ago. It is very popular in Tacloban. There are three Andoks in Cebu City but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at one. They have fried pork chops which is different. Usually, pork in the Philippines is BBQ. Andoks is most famous for its lechon manok but I’ve had better. 🙂 It is good though, don’t get me wrong and the prices are very low. An entire chicken, two pork chops and soft drinks were under P400.

My favorite part of the trip was attending the wedding. My least favorite was four hours on a bus with no stops. A crowded bus too. I managed to get a seat but many were standing in the isle for about half the trip. Jessie’s family sure do like party together. They danced for hours. I’ll write another article about the wedding.

Mostly, I wanted to let my readers know why I’ve been silent for the last few days. We were suppose to have an Internet connection in the room but we didn’t. I’m behind on everything I’ve gone through over 900 emails but have not replied to any yet. There are quite a few comments here and on FaceBook that I need to reply to as well. I will be getting caught up soon. I’m in full recovery mode today. I’m worn out. Jessie picked up a cold that is fairly mild at this point. I hope it stays that way.

I hope to return to Tacloban soon and do a little more site seeing. Many Americans like to visit MacArthur’s Landing in Tacloban. I took the above picture on a visit to Tacloban City almost four years ago.

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