The Philippines Bureau of  Immigration is reporting that almost 22,000 Filipino were prevented from leaving the Philippines from August to December.   This was the amount stopped at Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.   More would have been stopped from other airports.    Though most international flights do depart from Manila.

This is part of the effort to prevent Filipino from becoming victims of human trafficking.   When President Aquino stepped into office

At the Airport in Bangkok

this year, he directed BI to step up its efforts to reduce human trafficking.    BI announced that it would be strictly interpreting its regulations.

Those stopped were said  to be Filipino traveling with a tourist visa but intending to work internationally.   Many  Filipino dream of working overseas and many do work overseas.   This year,  my girlfriend’s sister and family left the Philippines to work in Canada.   Though they were making more than most Filipino.    Her sister and husband worked as accountants.    They owned a couple of cars and were doing well.   Still, they left for greener opportunities in Canada.

There has been friction between the BI and other governmental departments over Filipino being pulled off  planes.   They had papers from one agency that  they needed but BI has the final  say.   BI stated that they consider the behavior  and  dress of the departing Filipino.  They also make certain the Filipino has  cash on them  to provide for themselves when overseas.   The lack of a return ticket will almost certainly keep a Filipino from leaving the Philippines.

If you’ve been living in the Philippines for some time, have met a Filipina.   Have become close or married her you may wish to travel with her when you leave to visit another country.   If you’re an expat living in the Philippines, you’re going to need to leave every 16 months.    If you’re taking your partner, you should take these things into account.  Make sure everything is in order and she has money on her.

Expect to be scrutinized by BI.   You may both be  questioned.    Don’t  get your  rebellious anti-government nature take over.   Be  polite, answer their questions calmly and you’ll likely be on your  way soon.

A few months ago, a deaf and mute Filipino was barred  from leaving because of his disability.   BI feared he would be exploited.  An international outcry was raised and he was soon allowed to leave.

There are frequent reports of Filipino being exploited while  working overseas.   It happens within the Philippines as well.   I know Filipina that have been mistreated while working as  maids.   Not allowed to leave their employers home.   Being locked up.   Being beaten when caught trying to escape.

Filipino have been  complaining about people being stopped from leaving.   I’ve also noted expats  complaining about being questioned by BI.    I’ve  seen them quoting the Philippine constitution.   All I can say to the expats is suck it up and deal with it.   It would be wise  to park the attitude too.

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