There’s a tropical storm headed my way.  It hasn’t been named yet as it is still showing on the Tropical Storm Center as tropical depression 21.  We barely sidestepped a category five typhoon last week but we did sidestep it.  It was never a threat to Cebu.  This storm is going to come very close to Bogo City where I live.  It is not slated to become a Typhoon but I can only wonder if it will.  It is predicted to reach tropical storm strength but as of yet the storm is not named.

Our cable TV just went whacky and is almost surely a result of the storm.  It is not completely gone but there is a good deal of static.  So we may loose power as well.  I hope not.  i really need to get a radio but i don’t know if our radio station has a generator.  If not, it would do us no good.  🙂

I don’t believe there is an danger of severe flooding or mud slides at our location.  We are lucky enough to be located on a ridge and our home is made of concrete bricks for its foundation.  It wont be a major event for us but it might be a bit romantic and windy.

I like storms but not when they get up to Typhoon strength.  Typhoon Frank / Fengshen was enough for me!  When the wind sounds like it is exploded in those down burst, it becomes less exciting and a lot more scary.  Most storm go well to the north of Cebu.  But I notice that even Ireland has one coming in on them.  I believe that is a massive change from the normal.  And more evidence of climate change.

As long as I have the net, i can keep up with what is going on.

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