This is a story about two young and beautiful Filipina I’ll call them Jane and Shizas.  I hope they don’t stumble upon this article but it could really apply to more than these two girls.  Two delightful Filipina that have crossed my path while living in the Philippines.

A Look Into The Future of Many Filipina

Both are headed into life as adults.  I think their stories are common to so many Filipina.  Both are headed down a road of trouble.  One will almost surely end badly and it will go badly very quickly.   The other, she might have a good life in some ways but she too is headed for trouble.  Her’s will be slower and maybe leave her burned out and alone in five to ten years.  Its hard to say.  She could get lucky and do well.  Or she could end up dead.

two pretty filipina

Two Filipina I Met While Walking In The Philippines. Not related to this story. They both have foreign boyfriends are doing just fine.

Jane, is 17 and worked as a maid.  She never had much of  a chance for a secure future.   No education, unable to speak any English, her chance of getting a job are virtually zero.   She worked as a maid for $30 a month plus room and board.

She has been constantly looking for love.  She had many boyfriends.  Obviously, her mission is finding love.

About a month ago she “eloped.”  It was an informal elopement.  She moved out of the home she was working.   She intended to continue working.  Her employers thought maybe it would last a month and then she’d come back.

Instead she stopped showing up for work, often coming late or leaving early.  They thought she had quit.  Then on payday, she showed up again.  She was paid and let go.

Now she is pregnant.   Her husband has been in trouble with the law, twice jailed for petty theft.

Recently, She was “evicted” from her apartment and now lives with the young man’s family.   Rumor is too much mischief was gong on.

I care about Jane.   I hate to see her destroy her life this way.  She has now gained a life time responsibility and I don’t think she is yet aware how bleak things are for her.  She’s in love.  I really hope I’m wrong about her future but I look around at all the single moms living in the Philippines and I think she is now trapped in poverty and despair.  Eventually, loneliness will likely be her best friend.

Shizas is another young, very pretty Filipina.  She is 21 and making a life for herself.  Supporting herself and likely sending money back to her family.  Sometimes,  families even pressure girls to work in the field Shizas is working.  It can be a hard life in the Philippines.  People do what they have to do.

Shizas moved to Angeles City in the Philippines not long ago.   Angeles City is often referred to simply as AC.   It is the the expat playground of the Philippines.  There use to be a military base near there.   I have been unable to visit there and maybe its just as well.  Still, I want to experience it.  You see, its the land of bar girls or women of the night.  I’m told there is lots of excitement and fun there, one doesn’t have to partake of the goods offered to have a good time.

Shizas is working as a bar girl.   She tries to keep it a secret but in the Philippines, where tsismis (gossip) might be the national sport, one can forget that.

I don’t know much about her life, hard to get past the smoke screen she throws up.  Still, I know some former bar girls, now in their late 20’s or early 30’s.  They look so tired.   They look much older than what they are.   They are burned out and empty.

They made 25,000 to 50,000 peso a month for their years of hard work.   Shizas is likely making that.  Bar girls get around P200 for showing up.  The bar fine is P1500 and they keep about half of that.  Plus, they get tips.  So if they are bar fined twice a night, they are making some pretty good money.   Very god money for common Filipino.

Now this is not the place to go into detail on what a bar fine is.  If you don’t know, ask me in private.

Problem is, this kind of work often leaves them with a hardened heart.   Shizas is a sweet girl but being young, she’s all over the place.  Hard to know what she will do from one moment to the next.   Not so uncommon for youth though.  Even Shakespeare made note of it one of his plays.  Something like as consistent as a young woman’s folly.

Shizas line of work is dangerous.   Hopefully she’s protecting herself from AIDs.  It is unlikely she is protecting her mind and her heart.

Both of these girls are my friends.  Be kind in your comments or I’ll smack you upside your head!

These girls represent the life of many Filipina.   It seems like an endless cycle.  They are not bad people, not at all.  Just like all of us, trying to get through life the best way they know how.  I’ve made horrible mistakes.  Some cost me more than I could barely survive through.  I certainly didn’t face the dim outlook that these and so many other Filipina do.

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