Two Books About Living In The Philippines for The Price of One

At the end of last month, I added volume two to The Basic Expat Manual — Living In The Philippines. While I did increase the price by $10, I know the books are under priced. Volume one is over 250 pages and volume two is close to 30 pages.  I plan to have it grow even larger. Customers that originally bought my eBook when it was around 40 pages and paid $19 for it also got all the upgrades for no additional cost and you will too.  The price will continue to rise. Many people that sell books say that but I really mean it. I’ve raised the price several times.  Right now there is also a $5.00 off coupon for the manual. That may or may not go away. I have not yet decided.

Living In The Philippines

You can read more details about the manual by following this link. I have not yet updated the sales page to reflect the release of volume II but will do so soon. It could be done by the time you read this. I’m honestly more concerned with delivering quality over delivering a sales page. I do need to get it updated though. After all, a second volume is a major enhancement and not something you see very often. I don’t know anyone else that offers anything equal to what I do. One buyer recently told me that “No one offers what you do and you should raise your price.”  His name is Ken. I had the pleasure of meeting him and spending several days with him.

You also get access to a newsletter that I could sell for a monthly subscription and someday I might just do that. I want to get more articles in it before I do so. The newsletter covers some of the more naughty sides of the Philippines and is offered as a free bonus for a year.

You get to ask me questions via email too. These questions often help me to improve the manual. Often, people ask without reading first but sometimes I realize I need to cover this topic or add to it. The next release will then have that information added. Most of the people that buy it have been very happy. I’ve never had a refund that I felt the buyer didn’t fully intend to buy my book and then ask for a refund no matter what was in it.  There has been very little of that but it is part of offering this kind of thing online. You will have a money back guarantee that is explained in detail on the link above. You don’t have to provide a reason at all.

You also get a special version of “How To Send Money To The Philippines.” It provides very useful information on how to send yourself money while living in the Philippines. It is around 30 pages and I sell it on Amazon. You get it for free.

Now, I’ll never be the a technically correct writer. What I’m good at is descriptive text. I am too good at getting emotion on paper. It can get me into trouble and has in the past. Many people find my writings to be funny too. I hear things like “Southern Charm” leaps off the pages. I don’t really try to do that, it is just me. It comes naturally.

Jessie provides a lot of help, making sure that I get things right or at least not in conflict with what she knows about the Philippines. I must say, if you get all your information about the Philippines from expats you’re getting a very one inaccurate view. I don’t claim to always be right. What I do though is research everything and keep my mind open for new facts that enhance and sometimes even changes my opinion about an aspect of living in the Philippines.

Living In The Philippines — A Balanced View

Like this website, I constantly point out the positives and negatives of living in the Philippines. I work on the negatives a bit more in the manual. I want people to be prepared. I want them to get their mind right. I’ve had people read my eBook and then tell me they no longer want to live in the Philippines. To me, that is just as important as telling people how great my life is because I live in the Philippines.

The manual is not a collection of articles from this website. There are a couple of articles in the eBook from the website. I probably should have put some of the articles I’ve posted on this site only in the eBook as the content I give away here is often valuable. The appendix does have a good deal of information that I took from other sites. It is provided so that the reader doesn’t need to hop all over the Internet to get the information. When I do provide that, I also provide links so that you can confirm the information is still up to date.

Volume II, for now, mostly covers places in the Philippines. Not all the places I discuss are places that I have been to and I make that clear. I tell you about the regions I would stay out of but I also tell you about the many expats that say it is completely safe to live there. I don’t agree. Where there is war, I tend to stay away from those places myself. My opinion is that it could spread. Safety is largely a matter of playing the odds and my odds are best right here in Cebu Province. I even take it a step further. I live on the edge of the jungle. I also fully explain the benefits and the disadvantage of that.

I am constantly researching the Philippines. I get hundreds of alerts every day about what is going on in the Philippines. More importantly though, I get out there and experience it myself. I have more than three and half years of actually living every day in the Philippines. The only time I’ve left the country is when required to for three days by Philippine law.

Volume II also has a section for scams. Right now it only has one specific example but there are others in volume I. I think I may have been a victim of the scam mentioned in volume II.  I call it the “Fan blowing trick.”

The last thing I want is for someone to read my writings and decide the Philippines is right for everyone. That’s just not accurate. Living in the Philippines isn’t right for every one but it is up for you to decide. So I leave it up to the reader to make the choice. How you see the Philippines is mostly dependent on what lies between your ears. You won’t know for certain until you actually live here.

If you’d like to read more or purchase the manual you can get it here.

Me, I came almost completely unprepared. I was clueless but it has worked out very well for me. This manual would have reduced the time it took for me to get myself here. I wish I had come sooner as I truly do love living in the Philippines.

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