Typhoid Outbreak North of Manila

The Philippine Military has been mobilized to help fight a dangerous outbreak of Typhoid Fever.  Army medical teams are being sent to Real and Infanta in Quezon.  Two cities just north of Manila.

The Philippine Department of Health (DOH) confirmed that a stream used by the two Philippine Department of Healthtowns is the main source of the outbreak.   The DOH also advised citizens to boil their drinking water if they get it from a deep well.

Typhoid fever is a bacterial disease that is spread from person to person by water contaminated by urine and feces.  It is a plight of the poor in the Philippines and of the children that play in the streams.  Anyone that can, always drinks bottled water, at least in the areas that I have been too.  I’m sure some cannot afford it.

I have been unable to find new reports on this since the middle of November.  I also saw a report in a Chinese newspaper that about a year ago, over 500 Filipino were in the hospital due to Typhoid Fever.  Scary stuff but as long as you drink bottled water and stay out of fresh water streams you should be fine.

I’ve seen some resorts promoting swimming up a mountain though.  Sounds like something that would be a LOT of fun to do.  I hope they are taking precautions to prevent someone from picking up this disease.  Perhaps it is hard to transmit unless you digest large amounts of water.  I don’t know.  I would certainly obtain more information before I get into any fresh water streams because of this illness and others I’ve seen reported.

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