Typhoon Megi is headed for the Philippines.   Megi is still a tropical storm as I write this article.  It will reach typhoon strength soon. Tphyoon Megi is expected to smash into the Philippines in about three days.   There’s a huge chance that it could miss the Philippines as it is still far away and its exact path of a typhoon is always subject to change.

The storm has not yet entered into what the Philippines refers to its “area of responsibility.”  Once it does, the Philippines will give it a name that only the Philippines uses.   I wonder if they do this because it appears Japan names the storms in the part of the world.  And as you probably know, Japan invaded the Philippines during WWII.  Perhaps they only wish to give a storm in the Philippines a Filipino name.

Killer Typhoon Megi Heads for the Philippines

This is likely to be a major storm.  It is scheduled to become a signal four storm.   They refer to them as signals rather than categories in the Philippines.  It will cause major disruption in air and ferry travel.


At this time, Typhoon Megi is not expected to be a major storm in for those of us living in Cebu.  For those living in Luzon, the Northern Island of the Philippines, it is likely to bring major flooding and death.  Hopefully it will be a fast moving storm.  The typhoons that move slow and stall out over land are usually the most devastating.  It is likely to result in many deaths in the Philippines.

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA) is the official weather authority in the Philippines.   At this time, the PAGASA site states only”

As of today, Thursday, 14-Oct-2010 11:53:32 PHT no tropical cyclone is threatening or affecting the Philippines.

That is likely to change in the near future.  I will add updates regarding Typhoon Megi as needed.  For most people living in the Philippines, there is no place to evacuate too.  Those more affluent Filipinos can jump on a jet and fly to a safer island if they choose. Most tend to ride the storm out.

Typhoon Megi Named Typhoon Juan in The Philippnes

Now with the Philippines ablaze with talk of a super typhoon, the PAGASA has officially named the storm Typhoon Juan in the Philippines.  I’m included a updated photo of this storms tracking from http://tropicalstormrisk.com

super typhoon in the philippines

Super Typhoon Juan Tracking

This typhoon should be taken as a major threat to lives for people living in the Philippines.

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