The Jungle In Mactan Cebu

Wow, what a wonderful time Jessie and I had at The Jungle in Metro Cebu City.

The Jungle is a restaurant in Metro Cebu. It is in Lapu Lapu. The actual location is on Circumferential Road at Bagumbayan Maribago.

The Jungle in Cebu features live entertainment. I’ve never seen anything like it in the three and a half years that I have lived here. If it is out there, I’ve not run across it.

They have two live shows at night. Dinner show times are at 6:30 and 8:30 7 days a week. They will also do lunch shows by reservation with a 10 person minimum.  I would confirm those show times as they could change.

If you are in the Mactan area, they will even pick you up for free. They have a surcharge if you are in Cebu City Proper. Their phone numbers are:  0915-824-9690 and land line is 580-1904. You can also learn more by visiting The Jungle‘s website here.  The Jungle also has a Facebook page that I hope you will visit and like.

From the moment I stepped out of the taxi, I was treated like a king. We were greeted by four or more people. When we entered, we saw a large dining area with a high ceiling. At first, I was a little worried because the doors were open. I thought it was going to be hot. It was a hot day in Cebu and still hot that night. I was very comfortable in the restaurant and I’m very hot natured. I noticed air con units no the wall. I don’t know if they were running or not but I was completely comfortable there.

Soon, I met Philip. He is the owner and a Southerner full of hospitality and a very likable person. We talked quite a bit. Just chit chat and now we may meet up in Leyte. I’m hoping to go there next month. MacArthur’s Landing is in Jessie’s home town and he wants to see it.

The food at The Jungle is abundant and extremely good. My favorite was the BBQ pork that I had but I had lots of food. More food than I could eat. Now I should disclose I was an invited guest and Philip had his staff bring many things out for us to try I also enjoyed the pig ears and pig tongue. At least that’s what Jessie said it probably was. It is called sisig. It is always a little worrisome when the Filipino says it is pork, it might be tongue and ears. It was good.

The food is good but you know there is lots of good food. What sets The Jungle in Cebu apart is the entertainment. I’ve been wanting to go for quite some time but I don’t get to Cebu City very often. Something else sets The Jungle apart and that is the staff. They are friendly and attentive. I’ve seen nothing better in the Philippines. Actually, I’ve only seen the staff equaled in one place and that was in Palawan.

There is a stage within The Jungle and that is what makes the place very special and please don’t come to Cebu City and not visit this restaurant. It is an absolute must see. Just don’t come here without going there!

There are various dances that are preformed on stage. The dances represent Filipino culture. I know it is quite authentic because Jessie kept saying I use to do that in grade school! So it is very real, it is the Philippines and you will go back with stories to tell. Be sure to take your video camera. Mine wasn’t working so I had to settle for low quality video that I will share.

Jessie joined in the show at the end, the girls came out to our table several times to try to get us to dance. I told her that “I’d love to dance with you but I’ll have a heart attack and die.” I probably would survive but I couldn’t do that without wishing I hadn’t. I would have enjoyed it though. All of the dancers were very nice and the Filipina were both beautiful and charming. Very friendly. The dancer just said “Thank you” when I told her I would love to dance with her but I just couldn’t.

Jessie jumped or hopped through the bamboo poles as you can see in the video below. She was the first and then many others followed her.  The dance is called the Tinikling.

You know, The Jungle will likely cost you a little more than many places but trust me, it is worth an extra P300 to P400 per person. I will be going back, I’ll go back just for the show.

As I was sitting at The Jungle, enjoying more food than I could eat and the show I realized I would never be able to say enough good things about The Jungle in Cebu.

The dancers take their entertainment seriously. It was obvious and they were in much better sync than I usually see even on TV during Sinulog. Part of the show includes a tribute to Sinulog which is the grandest fesitval in the Philippines. Sinulog is often called the mother of festivals.

Heat Within The Jungle

The show ends with a spectacular fire eater and if you’re close to the stage prepare for heat. Heat not just from the dancers but from the fire that in the end will be close.

My pictures didn’t turn out very well. Anyone want to donate a real camera to my favorite cause? Me?

I told Philip that the Cebu now has two secrets, one is Bantayan Island and the other is The Jungle. Simply, I implore you, don’t spend a night in Cebu without going to The Jungle! If you’re living in Cebu City, get your butt over there! The Jungle is worth the trip.

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