VISA Service

UPDATE:   Jessie can no longer do this. Immigration (BI) change their rules and now people must be a registered agent to perform this task. This also means, you’re girlfriend will no longer be able to do this for you.

Are you looking for an agent to handle your VISA extensions at the Philippine Bureau of Immigration?   I can’t do it but my girlfriend Jessie


Jessie, Your VISA Expert

can and will.   She will be making two trips per month to Mandaue Immigration.  If you’re living in Bogo City or Northern Cebu Province, you can save yourself a trip to Cebu City and the heat that goes along with it.

You can also save yourself the aggravation and risk of dealing with BI officers.  Not that they’ve ever treated me badly, I’m just always afraid that I’ll say or do the wrong thing.  Let a polite Filipina handle your VISA extension for you.

Her fee for doing this is 1000 per visit but a discount of P200 per passport can be granted if two expats consolidate their order. In other words, if you and a friend both contact her, she will lower the price by P200 per passport for a total of P1600.

You will also need to pay the BI fees in advance.  You will be given an estimated fee due to the BI  If the fee is below actual cost, you will need to reimburse her before you’re passport is returned.   If the fee is less than estimated, you will be refunded the excess collection.  All receipts will be provided to you.

You will need to sign a form giving her the authority to act as your agent and pay the fees in advance.

She will be making two trips per month to the Bureau of Immigration (BI).  However, if you need her to make a special trip for you, she will also do that but the fee will be 2500 per visit if outside of her schedule.   Those dates are subject to change so you need to contact her well in advance if you want to take advantage of the lower P1000.

If you wish to hire her, please arrange pavement and a meeting to sign the releases and provide her with your passport.   You’ll need to pay a deposit toward your immigration fees.  If the fees are less than the deposit the excess will be returned.  If they fees end up being higher, you’ll be required to pay those as well.

BI recommends that you present your passport seven days in advance of needing your extension.  It is a good idea, in case there are problems.  I’ve never had a problem after more than two years of my bimonthly extension.  Still its a good idea but it is up to you.

If the scheduled dates fall on a weekend or holiday then the BI run will be moved up to the first business day before the holiday.  BI policy is if renewal dates fall on a holiday or weekend then the foreigner must update their extension no later than the last business day before the renewal.

Jessie had been handling my VISA extensions for the last 18 months..  During that time she has established contacts within BI that can help us should we have special questions.  She’s been flawless in handling my own needs.

This service is intended for those living in Northern Cebu and that can visit Bogo City.  If you have special requirements, contact Jessie and perhaps she can assist you

Use the form below to inquire or text Jessie at 0908-368-6534.  If you text her,  be sure to say why, otherwise she will not reply.  You may not pay me.  You must pay Jessie, with peso in person.

If Jessie is unable to obtain your extension because there is a problem with your passport or status here the fee will not be returned. It is about six hours round trip to Cebu City not counting her time at BI.  She also has cost associated with the trip.  If she is unable to obtain it because of a mistake on her part she will refund your money.