Dengue in The Family

Two days ago, Jessie tells me Jermain, our four year old, is going to be admitted to the hospital. Then as normal, I have to extract the rest of the information out of her. She woke me up and then started brushing her teeth making me wait to find out what was going on!  Jessie is always trying to protect me and I bet she felt a little guilty over the cost. That’s going overboard on her part but that is just part of the loving nature of many Filipina.

If you don’t know what dengue is, I have a webpage on this site dedicated to it. You can visit that page by clicking here. It will open in a new window/tab so that you don’t loose your place in this article. Dengue is just a part of living in the Philippines. I have never had it and if I did, I didn’t know it.  Many time the illness is mild enough that the afflicted never know they had it.

Filipino Child Eating Ice Cream
Mama. my ice cream is melting!

Now I say he is our son but I’m not the biological father.  I would never try to take that away from the man that is.  But he calls me papa which is the normal way kids refer to their father in the Philippines.

Okay, so as the title suggest, he has dengue.  It is well under control though.

Is Dengue Deadly?

The doctor told Jessie it is “not the killing kind of dengue.” That is to reassure her. Most of the time dengue is very mild. Often it is not diagnosed and people never go to see a doctor because they don’t know they have it.  When Jermain went to the doctor the other day, it was found that his platelet count was very low. I’m no expert but that is a sign dengue hematologic fever often called “DHF.”

It is really hard for me to fully understand what DHF is. I’ve seen authoritative source say it is the same but just a more advanced stage of it. When it develops into that there is a “shock like state” and he clearly isn’t at that point.  The low platelet count though is a significant danger sign.  Thus the trip to the hospital.

Jermain also had a cough so it would appear that he has two illneses going on at the same time. Dengue normally doesn’t include a cough.

Soon after Jessie arrived at the hospital she witnessed a tragedy.  I wasn’t even there and I think it might have been harder for me to hear about it than her to witness it.  I find Filipina to be very strong women though it did effect her greatly at the time.  She sent me a text saying that “A baby is having convulsions.” Then a few minutes later she said “They stopped, I think he is dead.” It turned out he was. I keep thinking about it.

Kind of chilling when your quasi son is in the same place. The child was very sick. He had passed out while playing the other day.

Medical Cost In The Philippines

Jermain is staying in the ward. There is no air conditioning there and he’s use to that. I couldn’t do that! The cost is only P300 a day plus medicines and laboratories. Some of the medicines are bought outside the hospital. The cost for a private room is P1000. I may be making a visit soon. I need to have some test run. Medication cost more but that is the cost of the room and nursing. Usually, the doctors don’t charge for visiting you while in the hospital!

Filipino Friends
Jermain putting a move on the ladies at age 4!

Jessie is staying with him during the day and the ya ya (nanny) is staying with him at night.

Jermain Is Getting Better

He is getting better.  His fever was up to 39C. That’s pretty high. I know 40C is 104F. His platelet count is rising. I guess the dextrose delivered by  IV drip is helping with that.  He got irritated with it once and pulled it out.  So he got it put back in the other hand.  I don’t know, but I’m guessing he won’t do that again.

The doctor said he didn’t have to go the hospital but would need to see him every day. If a doctor says come every day but the hospital would be better for a child, there is no choice. Me?I would have gone every day.  Ha Ha

I was worried at first but things seem to be going well. Recovery seems to be moving along. Jermain will miss his awards day program or at least not be able to participate in the dancing and stage show part of it. I’m sure he has awards coming because he’s usually at the top of his class. If not, very close.

Jermain is only four years old.  He is attending nursery. His Filipina friend doesn’t look too happy about his arm on her shoulder, does she?  Ha Ha

I’m sick with a chest cold and Jermain’s big brother is also sick. Jessie said “I have three patients right now.” I am getting better too.

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