Why Do I Live In The Philippines?

Another question I see a lot is “Why move to the Philippines?”  Or it may come in the form of “How did you end up in the Philippines?”  Another version is “Why do you live in the Philippines?”  The question comes in several forms.  Sometimes it is “Why should I move to the Philippines?”  I can’t tell someone why they should live in the Philippines.  What I can do is tell you why I live in the Philippines.

Let me tell you Why I live in the Philippines.

Why I Live In The PhilippinesI retired early on disability, was married to a woman that could care less about me. I was struggling to make ends meet. I met a guy online that has traveled a lot. He told me “You should be living in Asia.”  I thought he was nuts. I met him on a video chat community.  I use to have a chat room there many years ago.

Not long after that, Filipina started showing up in my chat room. Since I was a room owner, I seemed like a big deal to many people. Many of the other room owners also thought they were a big deal.  I found that humorous. It got me some attention from some very pretty young women. That will get the attention of most men in their early 40s.

I had no idea about Filipina or the amount of poverty in the Philippines. I had no idea what most of them wanted. They hoped I’d send them money. Well not all, but many.  Soon, I was covered up in beautiful island girls that were eager to be with me or so it seemed.

Eventually, I met Jessie and we were friends. Both of us were pretty sick of romance.  Neither of us were looking.

Someone stole her password to our chat program and I managed to get it back for her. They got it by hacking her Yahoo email account. She told me that caused her to trust me. I think she was all out of trust.  I know I was.

She didn’t flirt with me at all like the other girls. We were just friends for over a year.

Things went worse in my marriage and I thought to myself, why not go to the Philippines for one of these lovely island girls.  So after a bit, I soon learned that most of them were just a bunch of that would promise me anything in hopes of sending them money.

Money was tight. The amount of money I was making in the USA was barely enough to get by on. I began to learn that the same amount of money is a lot of money there. I asked some of the Filipina I knew how much it was.  To them, it was usually a fortune.

Money was the number one reason I decided to live in the Philippines.  For me, the question of why to move to the Philippines was money. My money would go further in the Philippines.  I was unsure of that but it seemed to be true. Then when my wife and I split up, Jessie and I became a long distance couple.

Jessie was my other reason to move to the Philippines. As I was getting close to coming, it looked like that our relationship wasn’t going to work out.  I was pretty upset.  Many told me not to come but I decided that I could sit in a small apartment and waste away in Memphis or I could take a chance and maybe improve my life.  That is why I live the Philippines. I live in the Philippines because I wanted more out of life than a limited income in the USA could give me and that might just include a beautiful woman too.

I reasoned if I found a girl too, great. If not, I would be too poor to date in the USA so at least I’d see the world.  If the Philippines didn’t work out, I’d try someplace else.

So basically, I looked at my future life in the USA and I didn’t like what I saw.  I was 47, expected to live alone and waste away a lonely old man.  Some say I’m a survivor.  I think I’m more than a survivor. I didn’t want to merely survive, I wanted to thrive.

I’m also very adaptable in many ways. I am also very accepting of other peoples choices and way of life. I do think these are very important considerations when one moves to Asia.  Asia is very different but that’s another story. Perhaps that is why I continue to live in the Philippines and why I am happy to do so.

Soon, I will follow up with another article with more details on how living in the Philippines has benefited me.  First, I wanted to explain why I live in the Philippines.

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