Should You Move To The Philippines?

Frequently I am asked the question “Why should I move to the Philippines.” I think that is a good question but a somewhat tricky one for me to answer. I don’t think it is proper for me to tell someone they should move to the Philippines. It is possible they might hate or they might love living in the Philippines.

I always start out with a move to the Philippines is not right for everyone. It is also best to visit before you move to the Philippines. However, some can’t do that. They have a limited budget so they need to stay once they are living in the Philippines.

Move To The PhilippinesI’ve written so much about why I live in the Philippines in recent weeks and even what I don’t like about living in the Philippines that I don’t think it is necessary to go over into the details again. Those two  links will take you to some of those articles. At the bottom of most articles  you can find a related articles listing that if you follow will guide to even more articles on the subject. Since I’ve been criticized several times for being too positive and being too negative towards the Philippines, I must conclude I’m achieving my goal in presenting a balanced picture of the Philippines.  I suppose that some people that are interested in a move to the Philippines just don’t read enough.  Also, I’ve come to realize that some people don’t want to hear anything other than what they have already decided on.

I’ll give a list of Seven Reasons I’m Glad I move To The Philippines

  • Lower Cost of Living In The Philippines
  • Beautiful and Loving Filipina
  • Enjoy Beautiful Beach Resorts
  • Lower Violent Crime Rate In The Philippines
  • Friendly Filipino
  • Easy To Meet Visa Requirements In The Philippines
  • Cheap Travel Cost Within The Philippines

For me, moving to the Philippines has been a positive experience beyond which I can find words to express. I don’t pretend that everything has been great, that would be silly. There are irritations every single day.  There are things to enjoy every single day too.

Without a doubt, the best part of living in the Philippines for me is Jessie. You won’t have Jessie livingJessie makes living in the Philippines fantastic with and taking care of you. Finding the right woman though will make a huge difference for many.

Others, they want to enjoy many Filipina without committing to one. Many are looking for something  than different that I am. There is nothing wrong with that in our Western culture and I don’t have any problems with that. It is not for me to decide what is right for you. What is right for you will determine if you should move to the Philippines.

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