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Sereinty in Cebu Philippines at Sunset
Cebu Farmer Walking a Caraboo at Sunset

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Living In The Philippines -- The Cebu Experience

American Expat Living In The Philippines

Hi, my name is Rusty Ferguson.  I am an American expat living in the Philippines since February of 2008. I grew up in the Southern USA. I retired early and decided to add some excitement to my life by moving to the Philippines.

I am having the best time of my life. If you are thinking about moving to the Philippines this is the site for you. Follow along and learn how to avoid some of the mistakes I have made and some of the things that have gone well for me.

With this blog, I cover topics like living in the Philippines, the cost of living in the Philippines, Filipino cultureand the US dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate. Being a lover of photography, there are many photorgraphs throughout this blog. Nearly all of which have been taken by me.


Filipina Living In The Philippines This is Jessie.  She is Filipina and is my girlfriend. She has lived in the Philippines all her life is a great source of information for me.

She helps me with this website, mostly working in the background as my proof reader. Which is a bit ironic since English is not her first language.  Her friends from Tacloban make fun of her because when she speaks English now, she does so with a bit of a Southern Accent.

Jessie is an angel but she's got a fiesty attitude.  Since she has to deal with me day in and day out, that is a good thing.  But I lovingly call her my ornery angel at times. She treats me like a king.
After swimming in the beautiful waters of Capitancillo Islet

Capitancillo Islet is a tiny island just off the coast of Cebu Philippines. The closest city to the islet is Bogo City which is where I have  lived in since the middle of 2008.  I had been here quite a while before I ever heard of the island.  I wonder if the city of Bogo…

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War Breaks Out Between China and the Philippines?

Map Showing Areas Cliamed By China

I believe that China and the Philippines are already at war. No shots have been fired yet. I believe China wants war and has already made it up its mind there will be one unless the Philippines gives China everything it wants. Oh China denied that it wants war of course. However they also recently used these words when references the conflict:

Philippines Authorities Are Out To Get Foreigners!

Police Car in Bogo City

There is just no doubt about it, the authorities in the Philippines are out to persecute foreigners that visit or live in the Philippines. The Philippines authorities are out to get the foreigners living in the Philippines. I hear this all the time. Honestly, I’m sick of hearing it.

He’s Back — Jimmy Sieczka Has Contacted Me

Jimmy Sieczka has made contact with me.  You likely remember the cocky guy that did the film titled 20 Reasons I Dislike The ____ (Philippines) I think that is the title that the film is official titled as. The film caused a lot of drama here in the Philippines and even got worldwide press coverage….

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The Philippines — Not Quite Paradise

Anyone that has read more than a few pages on this blog knows I love living in the Philippines. How many people dream of being able to life a life like mine? To recline under a palm tree on the beach while soaking up the sun or in my place, the pretty girls walking by. Well, don’t shoot me, the sun is my enemy.

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