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Living In The Philippines -- The Cebu Experience

American Expat Living In The Philippines

Hi, my name is Rusty Ferguson.  I am an American expat living in the Philippines since February of 2008. I grew up in the Southern USA. I retired early and decided to add some excitement to my life by moving to the Philippines.

I am having the best time of my life. If you are thinking about moving to the Philippines this is the site for you. Follow along and learn how to avoid some of the mistakes I have made and some of the things that have gone well for me.

With this blog, I cover topics like living in the Philippines, the cost of living in the Philippines, Filipino cultureand the US dollar to Philippine peso exchange rate. Being a lover of photography, there are many photorgraphs throughout this blog. Nearly all of which have been taken by me.


Filipina Living In The Philippines This is Jessie.  She is Filipina and is my girlfriend. She has lived in the Philippines all her life is a great source of information for me.

She helps me with this website, mostly working in the background as my proof reader. Which is a bit ironic since English is not her first language.  Her friends from Tacloban make fun of her because when she speaks English now, she does so with a bit of a Southern Accent.

Jessie is an angel but she's got a fiesty attitude.  Since she has to deal with me day in and day out, that is a good thing.  But I lovingly call her my ornery angel at times. She treats me like a king.

Old Men and Young Women In The Philippines

Young Woman In The Philippines

I observe visitors and expats within the Philippines that complain about the age of the mates of other visitors and expats. It fits in with a topic of interest to me. That topic is those that complain about the Philippines. I want to start off with a simple observation. It really is okay to like…

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Outside An Immigration office In The Philippines

The Department of Tourism has announced new reforms coming to the tourist visa. Changes that will make it cost less and allow you to stay longer. So far there is not a lot of information about the six month stay for retirees.

The Low Cost of Travel In The Philippines

The Sexy Filipina Taught me Filipino Culture

Travel cost in the Philippines is generally quite low. This holds true especially for air travel. Hotel rooms can range from low cost or rather high in cost. If you are use to traveling in style and without a lot of thought to cost, you can get a room costing over $1000 a night. You can also get a room with air conditioning and a private rest room with for under $30 a night. I usually pay between P800 to P1000 for a hotel room. So that puts my cost under $25 per night for my room.

Comment Problems?

Just a quick note about commenting. UPDATE: I believe this issue is now resolved. Please let me know via email if that is not the case.   I think a plugin that I installed that was suppose to keep the spam down and actually make it easier for comments to get approved broke. It was…

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Forex Trading chart

It is time we talk about the US dollar to Philippine peso rate of exchange again. It is really probably past time. Though I do talk more about it on our new Philippines forum as  I can post blurbs about it there.

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