Need Suggestions On A Palawan Beach Resort

I booked a flight to Palawan for the middle of July of 2011.  So just a couple of months away but I don’t know which Palawan beach resort I should stay at.  I’ve never been there and so far not finding a lot of information on resorts.  Honestly, it is hard for me to find the time.  Maybe you can help me.  What is a good Philippine style beach resort to stay at when I visit Palawan, Philippines?  Help me find a Palawan beach resort.

Palawan Beach Resort View

Budget is important to me, I don’t need a fancy room but of course, it would be nice.  I can get by just fine if I have air con and a private bath or CR.  Hopefully something Palawan Beach Resort that I can afford.  The first one I looked at, no freaking way.  It was the Sheridan though so I wasn’t surprised.  It is $167.00 a day.

I grabbed one of Cebu Pacific’s (CEB) famous discounted fares but I think I should talk about those famous discounted fares a bit. Their ad started with something like “Fareless Flights.”  I haven’t seem them offer any free flights in a while but they have in the past.  Nothing in their email offered anything for free but it did offer flights from Cebu to Palawan for P799.

I expected to find that I could get that rate only one way.   But after manipulating the departure day and the return day, I did find that price for both ways.  But then they started adding on their fees.  The cost ended up being almost P6000.  Just a few peso less than that. They added on P1300 for baggage.  Now I could have gone with less baggage.  I got my baggage at 25 Kg and which was P400 both ways and Jessie’s I left at the standard 20K at P250.   Then they add on the required taxes and some other fees.

Looking Forward to My Visit to A Palawan Beach Resort

I’ll be staying for four days so it would be possible for me to visit other parts of the island.  I could really use your thoughts and suggestions on what to do in Palawan.  I certainly will be disappointed if I’m unable to visit the underwater river and spend some time in the waters of Palawan Philippines.

It has been a while since I used my underwater camera and I expect to do that while I’m there.

I was hesitant to book the trip becuase I really don’t need to spend the money and I have not felt like travelling.  I’m still hoping to go to Bantayan Island this month but so far, have not been well enough to make the trip.

I have been living in the Philippines for too long  not to have made a visit to Palawan. I’ll be looking forward to your suggestions on what to do in Palawan and which Palawan beach resort I should consider.

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