Trip to a Palawan Beach Resort is in Progress

I’ve run into some problems with picking one of the Palawan Beach Resorts to stay at. Most of them have limited websites. I find that comment for many businesses in the Philippines though.

Palawan Palm Bay Beach Resort

The first place that grabbed my attention was Palm Bay Beach Resort on the west cost of Palawan. It is out in the Palawan jungle and I was intrigued with the idea of staying there. They have mountains around them and are located on the beach. They are a bit far from Puerto Princesa, just getting there was going to cost P3800 if I used their shuttle service.  I could take a Jeepny which would cost much less.

I was pretty much set to stay there.  They are closer to some of the attractions I want to see and they put together a nice package for me. To visit the Underground River and Estrella Falls. There were some other smaller Palawan side trips that would have been interesting too.

The first snag came when I learned their air con rooms had no air con at night! If they mention that any place on their website, I didn’t see it.

I also had trouble finding out exactly what the Underground River tour consisted of.  Specifically, their website indicates that one will spend the night on the “Monkey Trail.”  I don’t think the representative I was emailing with was aware of that or she might have understood my questions. I really would enjoy that but I think it would be too hard on me. Those questions led to the revelation that the rooms had no air con at night.  I was really interested in staying there so I asked more questions about the lack of air con.

The representative told me that it was very cool at night but Jessie said what I already knew: “Cool for them but not for you.” So I asked what the temperature was. I waited a day and got no reply. So I sent the message again, I’ve been having some trouble sending emails.  I waited another day, still no reply. So I sent another email.

To this one I got a reply and it revealed that she had received my other emails.  She told me the temperature would be between 18C to 22C at night. I might be able to handle that. So I was hopeful. Jessie was still unconvinced and mentioned mosquitoes.  So I asked about mosquitoes and it was possible to have a second fan other than just the ceiling fan.

Here is  her reply and my original message:

  • On 5/29/2011 2:24 PM, Palm Bay Resort wrote:
    • Please cancel your reservation i cannot quarantee more than i have. God bless you and i hope you enjoy where ever you go
    • Of, course your still welcome if you decide to join us. Please let us know i have to arrange the tour otherwise
  • Op 29 mei 2011 om 07:53 heeft Rusty
    • My partner is really worried about my staying there.  Is there  a fan other than the ceiling fan.  How are the mosquitoes?  🙂  It sounds like a lovely place and I really want to but it is a big expense and I don’t want to be miserable.

I was completely blown away with this response. Of course I cancelled! What an absurd response to my question!  I still didn’t want to cancel, I waited another day and thought about it but realized I had zero choice but to cancel after being asked to do so.  So much for my stay in the Palawan jungle.

I had oozed with niceness yet I got that reply?  Wouldn’t, “No sir, I’m sorry we can’t do that” have been a much better reply?  Probably would have and they probably would have got my P20500 or $488 USD that the four night trip would have earned them.

Microtel Inn at Palawan

So after a few more days, I was finally able to get a confirmed room at Microtel Inn located on the beach in Palawan.

My cost is about $350 for the room including breakfast. Usually included breakfast with rooms are not so great.  We will see. I was able to get a room despite their website indicating that no rooms were available during my stay. They must have some kind of event going on there. I found a travel agent though that must have had pre-booked rooms and booked through them.

The booking didn’t go very smooth though. I booked with  Now I do have a confirmed room in Palawan but this took a couple of days.  After I booked the room, they required that I upload ID and copy of my credit card. So I had to scan that and then upload. There site said to ignore the email if I did it on the site.

After doing that, I waited for a day and the status of my booking was still not confirmed. So I emailed them and asked if there was a problem? They replied with something like “We didn’t find any attachments included with your email.” Knowing that there were not many rooms to be had, this concerned me and I attached it to my reply email. Agoda acknowledged my reply and said they would contact me within 24 hours.

So, after three days they send another email marked as “urgent” and requested that I call my bank as the bank would not approve the transaction. So I went back to the website and used a different credit card and that went through. It bugged me that after three days of their not getting it done they now send me an urgent request. I did let them know I was not impressed. I’m also not impressed they already took the money from my bank account! However, I have the room now and at a good rate.

Microtel sits on the beach within Puerto Princesa and has Wi-fi in the room but you have to pay extra for that.  Geesh, come on…. They have a pool too. A friend recently went to Palawan and told me if I could stay at Microtel in Palawan that I should.

If money is no object, you might want to consider Dos Palmas Island Resort and Spa. It appears to be very nice but the cost is not so nice. Not even by Western standards.  Yes I’d love to stay there but the cost would be for the same stay over $1400 USD!  Ouch!  That is to steep for my poor old blood.

Looking Forward to My Trip to Palawan

My Palawan vacation is still quite some time away.  I won’t give the exact dates as I think it is a bit of a security risk to do so. I’m not too worried about what will happen in Palawan since I’m staying in a modern resort within a major city of the Philippines.

I have to book my own trip to the Underground River and hopefully to Estrella falls too.  Everything I find online is for a minimum of 6 people or more.  I am only 2 people.  Well, I could count for three I suppose.

I often speak of the low cost of living in the Philippines. Travel isn’t really a cost of living to me. It is a luxury but still, the cost of travel within the Philippines is very low compared to that of the USA.  A trip to a place like Palawan would cost a lot of money in any Western nation.

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