Just Back From a Visit to One of the Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

I spend the last three days on Bantayan Island!  Just a short note for now.  Jessie and I took over 350 pictures.  Don’t know how many of Jessie’s pictures will be usable.  She got some great shots but some of the more difficult photographic opportunities may have lighting issues.  She’s learning fast though, no surprise, Jessie the only person I know that is almost as smart as me.  🙂

I’m pretty exhausted as we visited the town this time, got very hot and that’s going to take a lot out of me.  Jessie took a friend along this time.  Her name is Jean.  Even Jean had trouble with the heat. Like me, it makes her weak.

We  visited an eco-tourism location with a walkway made of bamboo winding through the mangrove jungle.  Jessie asked if there were snakes there, the guides told her not to worry about snakes.  I was thinking, who’s worried, where are they?!?  It was low tide when we got there, we were told there are lots of fish there during high tide.

We saw a fort used by the Japanese during WWII but I think it may have been much older than WWII.

We also went to a beach that the locals use.  Its far nicer than the beaches for the tourist if you ask me.  They ask for a donation but none is required.  One can camp there for P200 to P300 a night.  So we have added camping gear to our list of things to buy when we can.  Might be better to call it an ever growing wish list.

We visited a church that was built in 1580, rather beautiful church.  Those will make up my church of the month pictures for this month.  Hope I am able to get them processed and uploaded this month.

We stayed at Tickety Boo on this visit, a nice resort.  No doubt the place to be for the younger travelers.  They have a live band on Friday and Saturday and they are quite good.  There are some things they can do to improve the resort but we were over all happy with it.

Other Bantayan Island Beach Resorts Visited On This Trip

We also visited Hard Kock restaurant, an expat hangout.  Things didn’t go all that well there but I thought the pizza was good and not as unhealthy as most pizza.  I’m going to give them a second chance but my review of their location will not be favorable on this trip.  It did leave me craving for more pizza.

We also visited the floating bar, an awesome place that I really enjoyed!  We started running low on money though so we were not able to stay there as long as I would  have liked.

The same situation caused us to be unable to buy some things we wanted to and caused us to head back home earlier than I wanted to on Monday.  The two nights and three days cost us a total of P9000 or just under $200 and that was for three of us!

We had a wonderful time.  I am pretty worn out though.  I wont be able to go next month but I certainly look forward to my return to Bantayan, well I wont be able to go for an over night stay, I might be able to go for a day trip.   I would like to take Jason with us.  He will love it there.

I will be providing much more detailed information soon.  For now I wanted to let folks know I’ve been away and slow to respond to comments for that reason.  I can’t wait for my next trip to Bantayan Island!

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