Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

I have started a new website with a focus on Bantayan Island.  Eventually I hope to offer package tours but for now I will write reviews and display pictures about the Island.  The site is very new.  In fact, right now there have been no visitors so you could be the first to comment, in fact the first to visit at all!

I have posted some of my pictures from my visit to the Island last month.  I saw many places on the island this time around, the bar that floats in Santa Fe Bay was my favorite find.  We visited a park that the locals use known as Kota Park and we visited Sts. Peter and Paul church which is nearly 500 years old.  Pictures of the church have been posted on this website.  You can find that post by using the menu at the top of this website.  We also  found an old museum that I had trouble getting the full story behind as the deeds were spanish.   A local told us the museum   was built by the Japanese during WWII but I think it is much older than that.  My guess is that the Japanese did use it.  Its an old Spanish fort, likely as old or older than the church.


We also visited a mangrove jungle via a board walk built out of bamboo that reaches into the mangrove trees.  It is advertised as an eco-tourism location on the island but only from a small green sign I noticed as we were on our way to the public market.

Check out my new site and please join in.  Share your experiences of Bantayan Island Beach Resorts with the rest of us.

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