Going to Tristan’s Bantayan Island Beach Resort

I’m headed to a Bantayan Island Beach Resort soon. I have been putting it off because I have not been feeling well. I am feeling better, I just hope it holds out.

I’m really looking forward to going. My skin is looking forward to it as well. I’ve been having a terrible time with rashes. Between diabetes and lupus my skin is a mess. Lupus causes poison ivy like blisters and diabetes causes them not to heal well if I scratch it. And I often do, usually not even aware of it.

I also have been using a wireless keyboard and the finish was coming off it where my hands rested upon it.  I have an abrasion on my hand. I couldn’t figure out where it came from until that keyboard died. Duh…  It died a couple of weeks ago, that abrasion has been healing but it still is giving me problems.

The reason I mention all of this is that in the past, when I visited Bantayan Island and got into the waters, it did amazing things for my skin. It would be a great excuse for me to visit a Bantayan Island beach resort every month.

Tristan’s Bantayan Island Beach Resort

Tristan’s sits right on the beach. At high tide the waters kiss the steps of her resort!  The resort is owned by Nancy and she takes very good care of her guest.

Tristan's Bantayan Island Beach Resort

She has one room at the front of the resort with a small terrace. When I’ve gone before, the room has always been occupied but this time, I was able to reserve the room this time. I’m not sure if I will stay one or two days. Depends on how much money I spend on the first day.

It isn’t expensive to stay at Tristan’s.  The room on the beach is P1200 during normal times.   There is one more room next to it that is P800.  Both rooms come with air con, TV and private bath.  When I stayed in the past, the reception on the TV wasn’t really worth watching. That is okay with me, my TV has been dead for months.  Maybe one day I’ll get it fixed.

There are other rooms at the resort. I’ve never stayed in those but some are cheaper. I’ll be taking my video camera this trip. I hope the ancient thing works.

I’ll take my underwater cam too so that I can take it out in the sea with us. It is nice to be able to get out in the water and take pictures facing the shore. Bantayan Island sunrises are said to be spectacular. Being a night owl, I tend to miss those. Maybe I’ll get lucky. I’ll be taking my older Sony cam too.  One of these days, I will treat myself to a nice Cannon DSLR. Or maybe someone will give me one as my pasalubong, well I can wish. I will not be holding my breath though.

I’m looking forward to the Bantayan Island seas and the hospitality of Nancy at her Bantayan Island beach resort.  She can be reached at 0919-537-1536 (mobile) or 032-438-9041 at her landline. The country code for the Philippines is +63.

The next time I go to Bantayan Island, I may take a chance and stay at another Bantayan Island beach resort. I hate to miss Tristan’s but I need to find out what other Bantayan Island breach resorts there have to offer. To experience each Bantayan Island beach resort myself so I can share that knowledge with you.

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Maybe I’ll see you at Tristan’s Bantayan Island Beach Resort.

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