I Love Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

Bantayan Island beach resorts are calling my name.  It has been too long since I’ve been to Bantayan Island.  It isn’t just the budget, I don’t feel well.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to go next month.  Seems, it is always next month that I am going to go.

One of the Bantayan Island beach resort owners wants me to do a website for her. I’m willing to do it but I wont be charging her. She wants to talk to me about it.

Bantayan Island Beach Resorts

I’d like to go this week, during the festival but the prices are doubled and sometimes tripled during this time. I spoke to one Bantayan Island beach resort owner this week, he wasn’t fully booked on Monday but he was for the rest of the week.

He was a little unhappy about the lack of music, wondering how one can have a festival without music.  So it seems that the festival has been toned down as I spoke of my previous article. I’ve never stayed at his beach resort but I plan too  He has some awesome rooms and they are cheap but the room I like the most, the family room built in a jungle island style is without air conditioning. He has provided some intense shade for his Bantayan Island beach resort though. It is amazingly much cooler there but long term heat leaves me feeling pretty bad. Just not an option for me.  Some of the other rooms at his Bantayan Island beach resort would be just fine.

I’ve also been working way too hard, I need to get out and have some fun. Enjoy the rewards of my work rather than only re-investing it back into more hard work. ha-ha Yes, it is high time I paid a visit to one of the Bantayan Island Beach Resorts.

Revised Goal: Visit One Of The Bantayan Island Beach Resorts Every Three Months

I will likely stay at Tristan’s Beach Resort for this next visit, but I’m going to attempt to go at least once every three months. Or go some place in the Philippines that often. I’d really like to visit Bohol and it is also way past time I do that. I’ve always been a homebody. My old goal was to visit once every two months. I met it at first, but now its going on more than a year since I last made a visit to one of the Bantayan Island beach resorts.

Here is a partial list of Bantayan Island Beach Resorts:

  • Tristan’s Beach Resort  is Owned By Nancy who will treat you like royalty. 63-919-537-1536
  • Tickety Boo Beach Resort — 63-920-749-0743
  • Saint Bernard’s Beach Resort  — 63-917-963-6162
  • Kota Beech Resort — 63-32-416-5013
  • Yooneek  Resort  — 63-032-438-9124
  • Ogtong Cave Resort — 63-920-899-9456
  • Beach Placid — 63-32-438-5340
  • Maia’s Cottages — 63-32-438-0077
  • Santa Fe Beach Club — 63-32-438-9090

There are many more Bantayan Island beach resorts. This is only a few. I’ve visited the first three and have met the owners of each.  All three are very nice.

Ogtong is the most expensive of the group. I’ve seen a few negative reviews of that location.  In fact, I’ve never seen a positive review but I wouldn’t pass judgement on it from those online reviews. All the reviews I saw were on well known, international travel web sites. The people that wrote them may be expecting something different than what one finds in the Philippines. People visit, pay the lower rates one expects in the Philippines and expects Western style accommodations. Western style accommodations are not normal in the Philippines and when you find them, you can expect to pay close Western style pricing. Ogtong looks fantastic and I do plan on staying there when I have a little extra cash so I can give my own opinion. If they deserve a poor review, they will get it. I just am not expecting that though.

If you want to visit one of the Bantayan Island beach resorts on a budget and be treated like a king, then Tristan’s Beach Resort is a safe bet. Nancy, the owner, takes very good care of me. Once there was a problem at the dock and it posed to interrupt travel back to the mainland of Cebu, her workers alerted her to the problem. She warned me that I should depart sooner than expected because the latest scheduled ferry might not be able to make its voyage. That really impressed me!

She and her staff always go out of their way to take care of me. Even going to the market to get something for me if I need it.  Once they got me some flip flops. I was out of “load” for my phone and they went out to buy a phone card for me.  I paid for those things but they ran the errand without any service fees!

Her food is excellent and presented in elegant fashion. The beach resort is sitting right on the water.  At high tide the waves lick the steps of the resort as if teasing you to join the warm waters of Bantayan Island.

When I return for my next visit to Bantayan Island, I will take my over-sized and old video camera. The only video I have for now is some really poor quality footage taken with a cell phone. The last time I visited the Bantayan Island beach resorts, I took my underwater camera and of course I’ll take it again.

Food At Tristan's Beach Resort

Rusty And Jessie At Bantayan Island

Rusty and Jessie at Bantayan Island Beach Resort

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So next month, Bantayan Island beach resorts get ready for the return of Rusty!

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