Ogtong Cave Resort at Bantayan Island

Last week I had the pleasure of staying at Ogtong Cave Resort in Bantayan Island. I love the place. A friend that went with Jessie and I was luke warm about the resort. He wasn’t crazy about the food. To be honest, I’m not crazy about food, I wish I didn’t have to eat at all. What they had was fine with me. In fact, I had a couple of chocolate shakes that were delightful. Doctor added yet another diabetic medication and it keeps sending my blood sugar low. That’s why I was able to have some shakes, I needed them! They were good, I wish I had needed some more.

Ogtong Cave ResortThere wasn’t a lot on the menu of Ogtong Cave Resort that thrilled me. I ordered Peruvian steak but that wasn’t available. Ken, the friend that went with us ordered a pancake and that is what he got. It was huge. It looked great but I dared not go there. Ogtong Cave Resort has a nice American breakfast too. Real bacon beats spam any day.

The rooms are nice and larger than I usually get when on Bantayan. I usually pay P800 to P1000 for a room at Tristan’s. They are small, the air con isn’t that great at Tristan’s but usually I don’t spend a lot of time in the room. I got a very mild sunburn on my back but it caused me to be really hot and I just couldn’t cool off. Tristan’s also doesn’t have hot water. But it is fairly warm. When I didn’t have hot water at home, the water at Tristan’s seemed almost hot. The cold water finally did cool me off and cooled of the sunburn on my shoulders too.  We got a middle priced room at Ogtong Cave Resort and the cost was P3500. These rooms are referred to as Seaside View rooms. They also have rooms with P4500 with satellite and then the P16,000 rooms with a semi private pool and an in room Jacuzzi.

The beds in the rooms at Ogtong Cave Resort are not up to Western standards in the Seaside View Rooms.   However they are much nicer than you will get at Tristan’s or even slightly higher priced places on Bantayan Island. The air con works very well and your girl will probably be cold.

Internet is available but I had a hard time connecting in the room. It worked okay in the lobby but was slow. They also have computer stations available that guest can use. When I’m at Bantayan, I don’t really want to spend a lot of time on the computer. Even I need a break from computers from time to time and I like them.

We had a nice porch that faced the sea as the room’s name would imply. I did spend a good deal of time on the porch.

There is a stone path to the pool that was off to our left. I didn’t go swimming in the pool because Ogtong Cave Resort is uptight about their pool rules.  The pool is not chlorinated and is feed from the Ogtong Cave. The cave is small but worth a visit and a dip. It is romantic if you find yourself alone with your girl. There was no one but Jessie, Ken and myself in the cave. Ken likes to be on the move and he didn’t stay long. Me, I’m quite happy to stay and absorb my surroundings, especially when they are quiet and serene as the cave was. I’ve seen reviews of the cave that were very critical. I do not understand. The cave is very nice.

The service at Ogtong Cave Resort is exceptional though not as personal as you’ll get at Tristan’s. However they do take great care of you. We were given Mango juice when we arrived. I didn’t drink much because it isn’t good for my blood sugar. Little did I know that I should have drank it all as soon I was irritable and realized my blood sugar was crashing.  Thus, the first chocolate shake a bit later. I also had breaded pork chops for our late lunch. It was a bit bland but breaded pork chops often are. They are meant to be dipped but I’m not a fan of soy sauce of fire in my mouth. It doesn’t matter, like I said, I would prefer not to eat at all. I think that surprises people but it is very true.

The Grounds Of Ogtong Cave Resort

The grounds of the Ogtong Cave Resort really stand out. There are many pathways to follow. Short green grass with flowering trees and bushes all around. There are various places to get cozy with your girl and quite a few caged exotic birds that are colorful and beautiful. I wasn’t able to get a good picture of that because of the way the cages are constructed. The birds do add a nice touch. There are various items sprinkled around the grounds to make it very pleasant indeed. There were a couple of lambs wandering around the grounds too. A green way to keep the grass short.

I was pretty tired the first day as I didn’t get much sleep the night before. Jessie and Ken went exploring as Ken was eager to see the Island. They ended up walking to Tristan’s. That’s a long walk! Ken loves Tristan’s as much as I do. We ended up staying an extra day in Bantayan and the last night was at Tristan’s.

We spend four days and three nights at Ogtong Cave Resort. We made a couple of little trips. TheSunrise at Ogtong Cave Resort second day we rented the Ogtong Cave Resort van and went to the Northern Tip of the City and to the Saints Peter and Paul Church. On the third day we hired a pump boat and made a visit to Virgin Island. I’ll write another article about those two days.  I was unable to sleep the night before we were suppose to go home so we stayed another day but transferred to Tristan’s. I really like Ogtong but with the cost being so much more, I’ll be staying other places. In my book, it is pretty hard to beat Tristan’s but it might not be right for you. I wish to visit all the resorts on Bantayan though so I will probably stay at other resort there.

If you’d like to see all the pictures that I took while at Bantayan Island for this stay, the best place to do that is on FaceBook. I took over 1000 pictures so it is taking me a long time to go through them all. I dont’ like to upload pictures without telling the viewer something about them. I upload several pictures a day, usually three at a time. You’ll need to keep checking back so be sure to like the page while your there. It also really helps me out when you do that. Once I get them all processed, I’ll add them to a page to this site too. It is likely to take me another week to get through them all.

However, for comfort and a beautiful view with ultra quite serenity Ogtong Cave Resort is a very good choice as far as I’m concerned.

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