Sunrise In The Philippines From Bantayan Island

A sunrise or sunset any place in the world can be spectacular but I have seen such beauty and serenity of the sunrise in the Philippines that I have never seen before.  For that matter, I’ve seen even more spectacular yet peaceful sunsets in the Philippines as well.

This month I had the pleasure of visiting Bantayan Island. Bantayan Island is my favorite place on earth. If I ever have to leave the Philippines, Jessie and Bantayan Island will be very much missed. No matter what Jessie did at this point, she will always be an angel.

A few months ago, I published some pictures of a golden sunset we were delighted to witness. This month Jessie got up early and took some pictures of a Bantayan Island sunrise.  I was actually awake but unable to join her. She got some really nice pictures. We both took pictures of a some sunsets.

I think this group of pictures may be my favorite of all time with one exception.  My pictures of Jessie will always be the most important ones to me.  I took some of her while at Virgin Island that captured her sweetness. You can view those on FaceBook.

Bantayan Island to me is about serenity and these pictures taken by both of us hopefully capture that.

Bantayan Island Sunset

Sunrise In The Philippines

Sunset In The Philippines at Bantayan IslandSunrise In The Philippines At Bantayan IslandThis next picture shows a farmer walking his carabao across the bay in Bantayan as the sun was rising. The tide was low. We were staying at Ogtong Cave Resort. Ogtong is really a beautiful place.

Sunrise In The Philippines At Ogtong Cave ResortAnd now for the final shot as the sun begins its decent. A pinoy appears to be contemplating on the day or perhaps the start of a next day to follow.  While another pinoy in a banca slowly passes by. This picture is the essense of the seremity that can be found on Bantayan Island. It was taken at Tristan’s on our last full day of our trip in August 2011.

Serenity of Bantayan IslandIf you’re in the Philippines, I hope you find your way to Bantayan Island. The island is not for a wild party during most times of year. It is perfect though for a romantic get away with a special person. If you have been to Bantayan, tell us about it.

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