Tristan’s Modest but Awesome

My first stay at Bantayan Island was at Tristan’s Resort.  They are a beach front hotel and restaurant.  With their open air cafe, right on the water it is an amazingly awesome place to sit and do nothing while listening to the sounds of the ocean to surround you in serenity.

Short Video From Tristan's on Bantayan Island, Philippines
Short Video From Tristan’s on Bantayan Island, Philippines

The above video was taken with my cell phone.  Its a Black Jack and a cool phone but it is still a video so don’t expect too much.  But it really shows off the view  and the sound is not perfect as the mic is small.  You can hear the wind blowing, the waves crashing into the foundation of our hotel and Jessie trying to get me to smile.   Not hearing and seeing the waves misses so much of the Bantayan Island experience.

White Sand Walkways in the Hotel!
White Sand Walkways in the Hotel!

As soon as you step foot onto Tristan’s resort, the magic begins when your feet settle softly into the white sand that make up the walkways of the hotel and restaurant. The restaurant is open air and faces out to the sea.   It provides ample shade to keep the sun from beating down on you but allows the breeze to come through keeping me quite cool. The food at Tristan’s is the best I’ve had since arriving in the Philippines.  I had Pizza for about P290 and it was build your own.  Unlike so many places, they didn’t limit me to the choices on the menu which in the Philippines are not choices I care for. I also had breaded pork chops which I thought was much better than the pizza.  It was my girlfriend that kept wanting to get pizza.  The pizza is a little cheaper.  I just don’ t need to eat that much.  The pork chops and most other entrees were around P200 each.  We also had breakfast at P200 each.  I had an American breakfast  while Jessie had a Filipino breakfast.  These were the best meals I’ve had here and they were expertly presented.

American Breakfast Making Me Hungry all Over Again
American Breakfast Making Me Hungry all Over Again
Jessie's Filipino Style Breakfest
Jessie’s Filipino Style Breakfast

The front desk at Tristan’s also serves as the bar and is part of the Open Air Cafe.  They offer numerous mixed drinks.  The price for most is about P150.  The resort is managed by Nancy.  There is an older man living next door, it may be his resort but in his wife’s name.  One must become a citizen to own land in the Philippines. Bantayan Island Front Desk All of the chairs are made of  bamboo.  They are strong and comfortable.  The front desk is also made of bamboo.   The walls are made of a concrete but decorated with dried leaves that have been woven together. To continue the virtual tour of Tristan’s Resort please visit page two.  Tristan’s is an excellent place to stay, especially if you plan to spend most of your time out of your room.  The rooms are small but it didn’t have any effect on my stay.  We had a great time on Bantayan Island.

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