Visiting A Cebu Beach Resort

Yesterday, Jessie and I took the kids to a budget priced Cebu beach resort near our home. This isn’t the kind of place most foreigners are looking for but I think they are missing some of Philippines by not seeking out places like this. We went to The Hide Away Beach Resort in Bogo City. It is in Barangay Odlot and is on the outskirts of Bogo. It is so far on the outskirts, you’d never know you were in Bogo City if the signs around didn’t indicate that it was. I was mildly amused to see concert structure that was little more than four post with a ceiling marked with Bogo City Police Outpost upon it.

Cebu Beach ResortI’ve been  wanting to take the kids there for a couple of weeks. I had planned it two weeks ago but I was on my aswang (Philippines vampire) schedule and thus was awake most of the night before. Yesterday, close to known I rustled up the energy to go and told Jessie I wanted to take the kids there. About five minutes later it started raining hard. She  asked if I was sure I wanted to go. I told her, “Well, not at the moment.” She laughed and sent scouts out to find Jason and to get a bucket of Jollibee’s chicken.

We finally made it to this little Cebu beach resort around noon which is pretty early in the day for me, ha ha. We took a trike there and asked him to pick us up in three hours.  The trike ride was P200 round trip. I have paid more than that. The chicken from Jollibee’s is P340. The table at the Hideaway was P300 though some of the tables are as much as P800. Jessie picked the cheap seats. Actually the resort said we could have used any of the tables and I would have used one of those closer to the water as it would have presented a better place to take pictures while at the table. I walked around though to take all the pictures I wanted too.  With our choices this day trip to a Cebu Beach Resort was a less than P650. I’m sure there were a few other things we picked up along the way.

They also have a restaurant at the Hide Away Beach Resort so you can order food there if you like. I’mKids at a Cebu Beach Resort sure they have great fish and BBQ. I didn’t check. Jessie and I will make a return trip later on with just the two of us and I think we’ll get something to eat from there. They also have rooms at the resort. Seems like I asked how much before and the price seemed to high. I probably got the kano price. Nothing I’d pay since I already live in Bogo City anyway.

Having a “new” digital SLR of course increased my desire to go. I wanted to try it out.  The sea water is also usually very good for this stuff going on with my hand.  In fact, I have plans to be back in the sea later this week. You can see all the pictures of our trip to this little Cebu Beach Resort here.

This Filipina approached and clearly wanted her picture taken. I was more than happy to grant her wishPretty Filipina at Cebu Beach Resort a couple of times. She was quite a ways off so I walked a bit closer. Her family was hooting and hollering while laughing at her boldness.

It was a cloudy day. Not long after we made our way into the sea, it started to rain. I said “Oh well, so we get a little wetter.” The rain was cold but the sea water was not cold. Not to me but it was cold to Jessie.

Jessie attracted quite a crowd of interested observers as she was wearing her swimsuit. The guys were enjoying the view and most of the Filipina seemed a bit envious of Jessie being brave enough to wear it. She wears it for me. It is not something that is often seen on the beaches of Cebu and seen even less in a place like Bogo City.

I stayed in the water until my hands stopped stinging. The water is clear of course and the tide was high. The beach is rocky and you could slice your hands up if you’re not careful getting in and out of the water. I keep my Crocs on for the swim. There is a lot of seaweed present in the water. I don’t think it would be wise to swim here without some kind of foot protection. To easy to not see that stray sea urchin that one might encounter anytime they enter the sea.

There were a lot of fishing boats just off the coast where the Hide Away is located. So the fishing must be good there. There was one large vessel but mostly there were the familiar small bancas that one see’s in a fishing village like Bogo City.

A Much Nicer Cebu Beach Resort is In My Future

Hide Away Beach Resort

I have plans to visit a very nice Cebu Beach Resort in the near future. In fact, probably the nicest place to stay on Bantayan Island. I expect it will be a wonderful trip and I hope to also take a snorkeling visit to nearby Virgin Island. Jessie and I have wanted to stay at Ogtong Cave Resort for years and it looks like we will finally be able to do so. However, I will be sure to visit Tristan’s often while we are there as I look forward to the beach there. Ogtong offers a cave and swimming pools in plush setting. I enjoy visiting any Cebu beach resort.

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